Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scared Swimsuit Sissy

"Don't look so sad and worried, Sissy!" my Mistress said to me.  "You look lovely!"

I tentatively emerged from the bedroom wearing the tight and sexy swimsuit my Mistress had purchased for me.  I had never been outside in public in anything so skimpy and revealing.  I was scared to death to leave the safety of our hotel room.

"All those hunky men sitting around the pool will go absolutely crazy when they see you parading around the pool area looking like that!" Mistress said with delight. 

I was horrified by the image Mistress painted.  Mistress had chosen a hotel that was packed with men attending the big convention in town this week.  The pool would undoubtably be crowded with rowdy, horny men, just like Mistress said.

"Maybe if you're lucky, some beefy stud will offer to rub sun tan lotion on you.  Now hurry up and grab your towel and put on your sandals.  I don't want to keep all those hot men waiting!"


  1. I think there will be an abundance of volunteers to apply lotion to this lovely.

  2. The idea of being pushed into wearing a revealing swimsuit in the presence of red blooded men tugs at the whole humilation thing but if would be so good for me and Youy ought to know this.

  3. He's going too have interesting tan lines,!" Don't you think?" Tammara {?}= ¥

  4. Don't forget too wax or shave " Ha"Ha Legs,underarms, Arms also use some sunscreen to "Sweetie" Jenny L. Paint those toesy!"

  5. ok i admit i am a bit of a sissy and wouldn't mind that

    1. Alrighty sweetie, L.D I want you too wear a one piece or two women's bathing suit at a beach or pool party!..... Post it on "YouTube" As L.D beach bunny?" Don't forget too shave?" " everything!....hee, hee, Sissybitch Jenny L.