Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sissy Plaything

How did this happen to me?

It all started out innocently enough.  I visited a "tranformation/make-over" service called Jessica's Salon I found on Craig's List.  It was wonderful!  I had been a crossdresser for several years but was never satisified by how I looked. But after visiting Jessica, everything changed.  She could really make me look beautiful.

I started going about once a month -- and then twice a month.  Then Jessica told me that I should start coming twice a week -- for free!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  So I started visiting twice a week.  But after a couple of months, I started to notice some changes in my body.  My skin was becoming softer and my chest and hips started to get rounder, fuller.

Just as I was starting to get worried about these changes, Jessica announced that since this "Preliminary Feminization" had gone so well that I was about to undergo "Extreme Feminization."  I told her that I was uncomfortable with the changes to my body and that I wanted to stop.  She just laughed.  "Oh, but you can't stop!" she said.  "I have big plans for you!"

Her big plans included keeping me drugged and chained for nine months while I was subjected to massive hormones and forced comestic surgery.  I was beaten into assuming the role of a submissive Sissy plaything for horny men.  I was given enormous breasts and was forced to prance around in nothing but sexy underwear.

Six weeks ago, Jessica sold me to Mister Philip.  Mister Philip is a successful hedge fund manager who can afford anything and what he wanted more than anything was a Sissy sex toy.  He is such a pervert.  He is turned on by the knowledge that I am not only trapped as his possession and prisoner, but that I am also trapped in a woman's body and in the role of his girlish love toy. 

And so a now live as Mister Philip's sexy plaything, catering to his every sexual desire.  He owns and controls every aspect of my being.  And there is no hope of escape...ever.


  1. A lucky sissy. He must be obedient a give pleasure his new master.

  2. I would so love to be put through this training and end up like this lovely sissy.

  3. Oh if only this could happen to me

  4. As a sissy i am to "publicly express the Sissy feelings you have when you read my blog."
    One of my feelings is to be offered up to a rich man as his submissive doll, wearing little more than sexy lingerie all day for his pleasure.