Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Frightened Sissy

Poor, frightened Sissy Vicky.

His Master had just returned home and Sissy Vicky knew that he had been drinking heavily.  And when Master was drunk, he always got very rough with his little Sissy. 

Sissy Vicky greeted his Master at the door as he had been trained.  His drunk Master tore the dress off of his Sissy and started slapping the little Sissy around for no reason.  Then Master started to loosen his belt to use it on Vicky.  When Vicky saw this, he started to run.  Racing through the house, wearing just his bra and panties and his high heeled sandals, Sissy Vicky looked for someplace to hide.

Vicky hid in the guest room shower, hoping that his Master wouldn't find him there.  With some luck, his drunk Master would pass out before finding where his Sissy was hiding.

Just then, the Master kicked open the locked bathroom door.  "A Sissy NEVER runs away from his Master," he roared.  "Now I am VERY angry with you!"

Sissy Vicky started to sob, knowing that his enraged Master was going to beat him mercilessly.


  1. poor thing. i think a siisy must obey his master or mistress but a master must be sweet with his slave toy.

  2. Some punishment of the sissy is allowed but not such abuse as this, in my opinion. Of course being a sissy I would feel this way.

    1. i would treat my sissy so very sweetly

  3. i am straight but love the fantasy of trying to run from a manly brute in high heel,panties n bra oooh hot.wants to get caught like all sissy teasers.