Monday, September 20, 2010

A Sissy Anniversary Surprise

Things had difficult at home for several months.  My wife had known about my interest in crossdressing for several years and had seemed pretty accepting.  However, recently she had been getting very annoyed about how much time -- and money -- I was spending on my crossdressing habit.  She said it was interfering with our relationship.  She insisted that I scale back on my crossdressing activities but I didn't listen.  But as our tenth anniversary approached, she seemed to relent.  As a peace offering, she gave me the most lavish nightgown set as my anniversary gift.  My present included sexy matching shoes, stockings, a sparkly necklace and a gorgeous new wig.  My wife even arranged for a make-up artist to come to the house who not only did my hair and face, but also managed to attach my breast forms in a way that made my cleavage look real.


At a few minutes before 8:00, I was ready.  I looked and felt so sexy and feminine and happy.  I turned the lights down low, lit some candles in the master bedroom and struck a sexy pose.  At precisely 8:00, as we had agreed, my wife knocked on the bedroom door.  "Come in," I said in a soft and sultry voice, my heart racing with excitement.

As my wife entered, she immediately turned on the bright ceiling light.  At first I was upset that she was spoiling the romantic mood I had created.  But that's when I saw that there was a tall and handsome man standing behind my wife.  I was paralyzed with shock. 

"Oh my God!" my wife laughed, "I can't believe my sissy husband is actually wearing that ridiculous get-up.  What a pathetic sissy faggot I married."

The man threw one arm around my wife's shoulder and started filming me with a video camera that he held in the other.  "How did you ever convince him to dress up like that?  This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Smile for the camera, Sissy!" he taunted.

"Oh believe me," my wife explained, "he doesn't need any convincing to dress up like a little sissy princess.  And now, Sissy, you can dress up whenever you want because now I have a real man to keep me company.  Maybe if you're lucky, someday you can get a real man too!"  They both doubled over with laughter when she said that. 

"Come on Sissy, do a sexy little dance for the camera.  I'm sure that would be a big hit on YouTube!"


  1. Your Things had difficult at home for several months. I saw in this post. So I said in your topic I was spending on my cross dressing habit. I like well in your feeling Thanks share.

  2. Wow to first be made over so completely would be great and then be shown of and filmed for you tube would be embarrassing.

  3. This is too sissy for me, YouTube , you lose Heather M.