Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reluctant Sissy Bride

The Colombian drug lord had waited a long time and paid a quarter million dollars to have this Sissy made for him. His heart raced and his cock swelled the instant he laid eyes on the equisite Sissy bride sitting before him.

Two years ago, the drug lord had been betrayed by a former business partner. He thought long and hard about how he would get his revenge. And so he arranged for the kidnapping of deceitful partner's only teenage son and to transform the spoiled brat into his very own Sissy wife.

"Well done, Arturo, well done," the drug lord said to the Sissy's trainer and surgeon.

"Yes," Arturo replied. "He is stunning, isn't he. He makes such a lovely bride. It's such a shame that he has been so resistant to the transformation, to his new body and his new life. It has been necessary to either keep him drugged or in restraints at all times. He is horrified -- nearly to the point of insanity -- by what we've done to him. It's unfortunate."

"Quite the contrary, Arturo. I'm delighted that the forced sissification has been torture for him. This couldn't be better!" the drug lord said with glee, enjoying the sweetness of his revenge.

"The Sissy's drugs are wearing off," Arturo explained. "I knew you wanted him awake and lucid for your wedding ceremony. His hands are tightly bound behind him; I suggest you keep him in restraints when not drugged. After the ceremony, let me know if you want him drugged for your wedding night."

"Oh goodness no!" replied the drug lord. "I will just tie him to my bed. I want my little Sissy to be able to enjoy his first night in bed as my little Sissy wife."  


  1. Mmm. I love this one!

  2. Sissy might not enjoy the wedding night but in time, who knows how well sissy will like it.

  3. Say hello too my little friend under my dress?" you cockroach!" Sheila E.