Monday, September 20, 2010

A Stepmother's Sissy

After my father's death, my evil stepmother sent me away to feminization clinic in Brazil.  There, over the course of 18 months, I was forced to undergo a total transformation from a normal teenage boy to sexy submissive sissy.  The feminization clinic was part hospital, part bizarre finishing school and part hellish concentration camp.

I was awakened extra early today and taken to the salon, where over the course of several hours my hair and make-up were done in a very glamorous style.  Then I was brought back to the Administration building where my trainers dressed me in this very fancy lingreie. 

As several bracelets were slipped on my wrist, I heard my stepmother's voice coming from the next room.  I had not seen her since she had imprisoned me in the clinic a year and a half ago.

"That's right, Sissy, your Stepmommy is here.  She can't wait to see what we've done to you!  Time for your big debut," one of my trainers said with a cruel smile.

"Well hurry up and get out here!" my stepmother commanded from the next room.  "Don't be shy -- no reason for my new stepdaughter to be bashful in front of her stepmother," she cackled.

I was frozen with fear, horrified by the idea of parading aroung in front of her in my bra and panties, my complete sissification on full display.

"Get out there and behave yourself -- or else," the trainer threatened, brandishing the cattle prod he always carried. 

I swallowed hard and braced myself for the humiliation that awaited me.  I nervously parted the beaded curtain that hung in the doorway and made my entrance to the other room.  There was my horrible stepmother, seated on a sofa snuggled up close to a man I had never seen before.

My stepmother squealed with delight when she saw me.  "Oh my Gawd!" she exclaimed.  "It's even better than I could have dreamed.  Look at you, you pathetic sissy faggot.  What a little sissy slut you must be, prancing around in your girly undies for everyone to see."

"Isn't this wonderful, Roberto," my stepmother said to the man next to her,  "Now that my loser stepson is gone forever, I will inherit all of his father's millions.  We are rich, Roberto!" she said giving him a big hug.

"Well, time to go home Sissy.  Today you start you new life as my personal handmaiden, my own fulltime servant tending to my every need.  Won't that be wonderful?" she teased.

"We will dress her and bring her to your limo," the trainer helpfully offered.

"Oh heavens no," my stepmother replied.  "She doesn't need clothes.  She looks so lovely just the way she is.  Come along Sissy, get in the car.  A new life awaits!"


  1. love it, love step mother storylines think this might be the best one you've done

  2. I've seen more fleshed out versions of this story. Can't you take it in a different direction?