Monday, September 6, 2010

Sissy Goes Downtown

The poor little sissy was shaking with nervousness. "Oh settle down now," the Mistress/Wife ordered. Sissy Tina was fully made-up and his hair was done perfectly and dressed in an elegant, impractical, and attention-getting pink suit. Best of all -- at least for the Mistress/Wife -- was the matching pink hat, purse and shoes.  Sissy Tina had burnt the breakfast toast last Wednesday and had to be punished.

"I have such a fun day planned for you," the Mistress/Wife said with a cruel smile on her face. "First, I am going to drive you into town, and drop you off at the corner of Market and High Street at 10:00. And from there you can begin your exciting day downtown." Sissy Tina started to feel dizzy knowing that a major humiliation had been planned for him. "From there you can walk to Kim's Salon where "Sissy Tina" has an appointment for a manicure at 10:30. Then at 11:15, "Sissy Tina"is expected at the Lancome make-up counter at Macy's where the girls there will fuss over you and help you look your prettiest. Oh, while you're at Macy's, be a dear and pick up some sexy boxer briefs for my hunky boyfriend Mark. At 12:30, they are expecting "Sissy Tina" at Victoria's Secret for a bra fitting." Sissy Tina thought he was going to die -- but the Mistress/Wife wasn't finished yet.

"Then I need you to stop at the photographer's studio and pick-up the photos from my vacation with Mark in Bermuda. Go through all the photos very carefully and pick out the three most romantic photos of Mark and me together and have them framed while you wait. Don't worry, I'll let you have one of the framed photos for your room."

"Then you'll have to hurry, because I've reserved a table for "Sissy Tina" at Cafe Moulin at 2:00. You'll be sitting alone at the table by the big window in the front where you'll be on display for all the passers-by to see. Mark and I will be sitting at another table enjoying watching you."

"But Mistress," Sissy Tina pleaded, "please don't make me walk all the way across town dressed like this. Everyone will stare at me -- nobody dresses like this. And please don't make me go into all those shops telling everyone that I'm a Sissy." Sissy Tina was near tears.

"Well," said the Mistress/Wife, "perhaps this will teach you to be more careful when you make breakfast for Mark and me in the future. Now stand up straight, put a smile on your face and get in the car."

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  1. Sissy Tina is quite lovely and I think the outfit she is wearing is lovely.