Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making a Perfect Housewife

Sissy Candi was an occassional crossdresser who liked going to the local drag bar on Saturday.  Sissy Candi was young and pretty, but also shy and nervous.  He kept mostly to himself, nursing a glass of white wine while watching the drag show and the scene aroung him.

That's exactly how Master Drake found Sissy Candi when he sunk his claws into him.

After luring Sissy Candi to leave the bar with him one Saturday night, Master Drake imprisoned the poor innocent sissy in his home. Master Drake forced Sissy Candi live as a woman 24/7. 

Through relentless beatings and mind games, Master Drake stripped Sissy Candi of any sense of confidence or self.  He lives now in a continuous state of nervous fear and dependence.  Poor Sissy Candi. 

Master Drake forcibly transformed Sissy Candi from a part-time crossdresser who enjoyed exploring his feminine side on Saturday nights to a full-time Sissy Housewife.  Master Drake insists that Sissy Candi act and look like an obedient, docile and devoted 1950's-style housewife who lives only to serve and please her "Husband."


  1. That sounds amazing, I wish I was Sissy Candi. Great story!

  2. My favorite dream - to be a obedient wife and housewife for my Master/husband!

  3. Oh to be an obedient 50's housewife sissy.

  4. Where is Master Drake? I want to be an obedient housewife