Monday, September 27, 2010

Sissy Ginger's Tears

Poor little Sissy Ginger tried to fight back the tears as he stepped off his Master's plane.   Wearing nothing but his prettiest bra and panties, Sissy Ginger walked to the Jeep that was waiting at the edge of the runway.  His Master's guards and driver were enjoying watching the humilated and completely exposed Sissy make his way to the waiting car.  
Six months ago, the Master had forced his sissy to undergo extreme feminization surgery and training.  The sissy's face had been sculpted into a thing of great beauty.  His body carved into graceful, delicate curves.  The massive doses of hormones had given the sissy small, soft, lovely breasts that were now filling out his elegant French brassiere. 

Sissy Ginger's lips were very sore from the collagen treatments he had just received earlier that day, but that was not why he was crying.  Nor was he crying because he was forced to parade around outside in front of his Master's rugged and leering employees wearing only his pretty lingerie.  No, Sissy Ginger was crying because he knew that he would probably never be allowed to leave his Master's private island.  He was now trapped here to serve his perverted and cruel Master as his permanent sexy sissy love slave.



  1. loving this one what a hopeless situation!

    the name change is a good idea, maybe try gettin other caption blogs to link to you to get more visitors, i'm sure many forced fem lovers would love this site

  2. I don't see what sissy ginger is crying about.

  3. Lingerie model to sissy lover slave is something I'd accept in a jiffy.

  4. Ginger, i will give you something too really cry about? Mistress Jackie!" behave slut!"