Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sissy goes to the bad part of town

All dolled up and wearing one of his prettiest party dresses, Mistress drove poor little Sissy Sabrina deep into the bad part of town.  It was already past midnight and the streets were mostly deserted.

Without a penny or a credit card in her purse, Sissy Sabrina would have to find her way home somehow.

"Please Mistress," the Sissy pleaded.  "Don't leave me here.  This area is so dangerous and we're miles from home.  I can't be out in this part of town dressed like this -- especially this time of night.  I'll be completely defenseless.  Please, Mistress, please!"  Sissy Sabrina started crying, overcome with fear with what was about to happen to him.

"Hush now,"  Mistress demanded.  "Nobody wants to hear a Sissy complain.  You look so pretty and so dainty, I'm sure some man -- or men -- will offer to help you.  Maybe you'll meet a nice man who will be happy to drive you home in exchange for wrapping those pretty lips around his big hard cock and slurping down all his cum!  Or if you're really lucky, maybe some man will take you home with him, keeping you safe in his bed until morning."  The Mistress was laughing at her own cruel joke.

"Now get out of the car, you sissy faggot, and I'll see you at home in the morning -- maybe."


  1. love these pics and themes.
    would love a prequel to see how and why decided the wife decided to sissify.

  2. Oh that would be terrifying and exciting at the same time.

  3. My sissy bitch won't have a dress on either!" only sexy lingerie"! Spike heels?" Mistress Jackie!"