Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions

Here's a question I am often asked by other Sissy Trainers...

"Dear Mistress Linda,
I have always been so impressed and envious of how deliciously skinny and delicate your sissies are.  How do you do it?"

Well, it's really very simple.  The answer is one little word:  Starvation!

When I take delivery of a new sub-male, I immediately put it on a diet that I promise will yield the results you want:

      1 serving Special K
      2 ounces skim milk
      tea with lemon
      1 apple
      1 "Light n' Fit" yogurt
      mixed greens with lemon juice
      club soda

That's less than 400 calories a day!  On that diet you will be impressed how quickly the pounds and inches -- and the will to resist your demands -- melt away!

For some extra fun, have meals with your sissy.  Treat yourself to bacon and eggs or a sizzling steak and enjoy how your sissy suffers as he watches you eat your savory and satisying meal.  

Some trainers have argued that my sissy diet doesn't have sufficient protein.  Not true.  My sissies get plenty of protein from the blow jobs they give!  Swallow every drop, little sissy, it's good for you!


  1. Diet is very important for a sissy. I really enjoy being a vegetarian. It is good for my health and the planet plus I get a thrill from going without nice meals that other people get to have, just like you mention under "extra fun".

  2. Sounds like a very good diet and training method.

  3. sooo controling of a sissy its very erotic

  4. I have one vice with those diet methods. I just have to have my protein. And, I can't live without my daily supply of warm cum to swallow. :)

  5. My sissy bitch will fast, later on Baby food!" in a locked high chair wearing training bra and diapers!" Mistress Jackie.

  6. I wish I could meet you mistress Linda you really know how to train any sissy

  7. Miss, I just read this. You have such a depth of control.

    You cause me to ache for this kind of reshaping. i feel a deep need to be feminized, castrated, drugged, emptied...and filled. so vulnerable, i wish a strong Woman desired to help me. oh, to be a sissy bimbo doll, knowing only my cumcraving and obedience to Miss. /sigh <3

  8. I am going to begin this diet today, I have to to become my true sissy self. Thank you Mistress Linda