Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sissy's First Date

The girls at the salon had great fun with me today, spending hours on my hair and make-up.  They even gave me a bikini wax.  All afternoon they chattered excitedly about my big date tonight -- my first date with a man!  I am absolutely terrified and disgusted by the whole idea.

After discovering my crossdressing secret two years ago, my wife has been forcing me to become more feminine and subservient.  She has used diet, hormones and coercion to transform me from a closeted crossdresser to a pathetic, full-time sissy under the complete control of my wife. 

My wife no longer accepts me as her husband and has recently started entertaining her new lovers in our home,  And now she has told me that I also need to have male lovers! 

That is why I have been all dolled up for my big date tonight.  My wife arranged everything.  She picked the man ("Very tall, very muscular -- a real alpha male!" she said), picked the rerstaurant and ever reserved a hotel room for afterwards.  I have been instructed to please him in every way and that I may not come home until morning.  Also -- I will be in big trouble if he doesn't ask for a second date.

My wife insisted on snapping photos while I got dressed.  She had me perch on the chair and pose for some sexy photos in just my underwear.  I forced myself to smile so as not to anger her.  She made it very clear to me that she expected me to be enthusiastic and charming at all times -- regardless of how I actually felt. 

"Enough prancing around in your sexy undies," my wife siad.  "Let's get you into that pretty dress I bought for you.  You are going to look so pretty tonight!  Your handsome date will be simply delighted!"

Just as my wife finished zipping up my form fitting dress, the doorbell rang.  "Oh, he's here!" my wife exclaimed.  I felt faint and wanted to run and hide -- but I had no where to go.  My wife handed me a cute clutch purse and pushed me towards the door.  "Now, be a good little sissy and do everything I taught you.  And maybe next week we can go on a double date with both of our boyfriends.  See you in the morning!" 


  1. Oh I hope he is big, Black and Mean.

  2. Oh I would love for this to happen to me.

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