Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sissy Trainer Answers Your Questions #2

Here's a problem that some other Sissy Trainers have asked me about:

"What do you do if you can't get your Sissy to sign the papers authorizing breast implant surgery?  I've been able to force my Sissy to do just about everything but I can't get it to sign the papers the hospital requires.  What can I do?"

Yes -- that can be a problem.

Well, first off, I never have this problem.  I have a little "don't ask, don't tell" arrangement with some excellent plastic surgeons in Mexico.  As long as I provide the cash, they are happy to do whatever I ask to the "patients" I bring them.

But most Sissy Trainers aren't as lucky as I am and need to get their Sissies to agree to the surgery -- very inconvenient if your Sissy is being forcibly femininized against his will.

Here's my advice:  If your Sissy won't agree to breast implants -- FINE!  Let him parade around completely flat chested.  Force him to wear outfits that emphasize his lack of boobs -- no padding, no bra.  If you do this right, before long your Sissy will begin to feel incomplete and self conscious about being flat chested and absolutely beg you for the breasts he's lacking.

And once he signs on the dotted line, be sure to outfit him with some sweet DD's -- that's what he gets for not cooperating in the first place!


  1. love imagining a small chested starlet is a sissy work in progress, love this one

  2. I didn't complain to my 2 live in Mistresses about them changing me into a sissy. I was already dressing full time as a female. And, I was put on hormones at a young age. My sister caught me dressing in her clothes. To make a long story short. Her & my mom changed me into a girl & I loved it. I now wear a B cup bra and the cups are filled with my natural breasts. And, I love my breasts, I can't stop playing with them. No wonder men love playing with them soooo much.

  3. I can see this would get the sisy to agree quickly, at least it would me.

  4. My wife said she was going to tell everyone we knew that I was a sissy fag if I refused to get breasts. I was told I would have a sizes just enough to show a little. Once I agreed to it I came out with C size breasts and now live full time as a female.

  5. Goodness! To think that some girls resist being given the gift of breasts! How futile...and self defeating!

    Then again, the loss of control with the Mexico route? That's just delicious!

  6. Lol like that would be a bad thing I want some dds but there is a drug out there that makes you do things your told to do I believe they use it for motion sickness I don't know for sure I just know I wish some one would do this to me

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