Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sissy's DisneyWorld Vacation -- Part 3

Stepmother and I awoke early and drove to the Magic Kingdom.  My visit to the other parks had been...unusual.  In the end,  I guess I had fun -- even though Stepmother made me go dressed as a girl.  I had dreamed of visiting DisneyWorld all my life and so far it was even better than I had imagined.  And Stepmother had never been nicer to me than she had been over the past couple of days.  But today we were going to the Magic Kingdom -- the very heart of DisneyWorld.  Stepmother had me dressed as a girl again.  I was wearing the black tank top and capri pants that I had worn to Epcot.  At least I wasn't wearing the flowered sundress she made me wear yesterday!

As we approached the Magic Kingdom we drove past a giant banner that read "Happy Halloween!  Disney Costume Contest at 3:30 and Parade at 4:00!"  I had forgotten that today was Halloween.

Stepmother drove past the entrance to the Magic Kingdom parking lot and drove up to one of the big hotels at DisneyWorld .  We parked and went into the hotel.  I kept asking Stepmother where we were going but she wouldn't answer.  That's when I noticed that we were following signs to the "Bippidi Bobiddi Boutique".  When we arrived at the "BBB" I discovered what it was:  It is a little "salon" where Disney employees dress little girls up in Disney Princess costumes and make-up for their visit to the park -- this is all true.  And Stepmother was registering me for an appointment!

"Well hello there.  You must be Alice," said a perky lady in a Fairy Godmother costume.  "Good thing you made a reservation," the lady said to Stepmother.  "We've been booked solid for today since August!  All the girls want to be dressed as Princesses on Halloween. " 

I was terrified.  What was Stepmother doing?  Was she crazy?  There was no way I was going to put on some kind of costume and go to the Magic Kingdom.  Besides, this was for little girls -- like 5 year olds -- not for teenagers.

"Stepmother," I whispered urgently, "I don't want to get dressed up in a costume!  I'm not doing this!"

Stepmother roughly grapped me by the arm and dragged me to a quiet corner.  In a low and threatening growl she said to me, "Don't you dare argue with me.  Who do you think you are?   You are going to do whatever I tell you to do.   Or do you want me to show your father the photos and video of you prancing aroung Disney Studios in your pretty little sundress?"

Oh no!  Anything but that!  I was completely trapped.  I couldn't say a word.  I just stared at the floor, completely defeated. 

"I thought so," Stepmother said with a wicked smirk.  "Now start co-operating and don't make me angry.  And besides," she continued with a softer voice, "We're far from home and no one will ever know."

And so I went back to the lady at the front desk.  "Is everything alright, sweetie?" she asked me.

"Yes," I replied softly.  "I just thought that I was...too old to do this."

"Oh nonsense," the lady replied with a laugh.  "We get big girls in here all the time -- especially on Halloween."

  "Now, who do you want to be dressed up as today?  Snow White?  Cinderella?  Ariel?" Stepmother asked.  I could see that she was enjoying my humiliation.

"I...I...I..." I just could think or speak.

"Oh I know," the salon lady said.  "All the teenage girls want to be Alice in Wonderland.  And your name is Alice, isn't it?"

"Oh yes, that sounds perfect!  Don't you agree, Alice?" Stepmother replied.

I just stood there, numb.

Before I knew what was happening, I was led back to a small cubicle where a couple of ladies started working on my outfit and my make-up.  First they pinned a long curly blonde wig on me and put me in an outfit with a short skirt and stripped tights.  Stepmother made me pose for some photos before announcing that she wanted to see a different outfit and a different wig.

Then they tried a long straight wig on me.  Stepmother took more photos.  I was close to tears.  But my nightmare continued. 

No, my Stepmother said, she didn't like this one either.  She also shot me a look that clearly said to put a smile back on my face -- or else.

Then the ladies brought out a longer, more feminine Alice in Wonderland costume.  The dress fell to just below my knees and it had puffy short sleeves.  The outfit included a flouncy petticoat and a ruffly apron that was tied snuggly around my waist. They added a long wavy blonde wig with a big velvet bow.  The final touch was a pair of high heeled Mary-Janes.

"Perfect!" my Stepmother proclaimed when they showed her this look.  "Oh Alice," she gushed.  "You look just lovely!"

And so we left the salon and walked through the hotel and entered the Magic Kingdom.  It was awful.  People kept coming up to me to take photos -- and Stepmother insisted that I oblige.  I was made to pose with strangers while friends and family snapped photos.  It seemed like an endless parade of teenage boys wanted to have their picture taken with me.  Most threw an arm around my shoulders.  A few grabbed my ass or surprised me with a kiss as their photo was taken.

With all the attention and posing for photos, I didn't even get to go on many rides.  We mostly went on the kiddie rides like Small World and Teapots and Dumbo.  Stepmother wouldn't let me go on the more exciting rides.

At 3:30, Stepmother brought me over the to the back of Cindarella's castle.  It was time for the costume contest.  I told Stepmother that I didn't want to watch the contest, but she wouldn't listen.  But then I realized that I wasn't watching the contest, I was entered in it.  I was up on a big stage while hundreds of cameras flashed and people clapped.  And to make a long story short, I won first place in the the teenage girl category. 

Before I knew what was happening to me, I was standing on a parade float standing next to the tennage boy winner -- a tall, dark haired boy named Eric who dressed up as Prince Charming.  We we instructed to stand on the float, to wave to the crowds, while holding hands!  I tried to find some way out of this embarrassing ordeal, but of course Stepmother wouldn't hear of it.

So there I was, dressed up in a pretty Alice in Wonderland costume, being featured in a parade going down Main Street USA at DisneyWorld.  Thousands of people were staring at me, clapping and cheering.  Of course, thousands of cameras and video cameras from all over the world were capturing my moment of shame.  And all the while I was holding hands with big tall teenage boy.  Oh dear!

And just when I thought my parade nightmare was ending, as we stepped off the float there was a crew and cameras from the Disney Channel there to interview me.  They asked me dozens of silly questions and I gave short, simple answers in my girlish voice as I tried to sink into the floor.  And then they asked, "So, Alice, what do you think of your Prince Charming?  Isn't he handsome?  It's every girl's dream to be with a handsome Prince Charming, don't you think?" 

Oh God! "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh," I stammered, "Yes, I guess so."  I blushed a deep crimson.

After what seemed like hours, I was released from the TV filming.  Stepmother and I went back to the salon where I returned my costume and changed into my other clothes.  I was exhausted, humiliated and very angry with Stepmother for doing that to me.  At least this ordeal was over.  I was so happy that we were on our way back to the hotel.  That's when Stepmother said, "I was talking to Eric's parents and since the two of you looked so cute together, we've decided that we will all go out to dinner together tonight.  Isn't that nice?"

"But Stepmother!" I shrieked.

"Oh don't worry, Alice sweetie," Stepmother answered.  "I picked up a really cute dress for you to wear tonight!"



  1. Oh this would be so much fun, even though embarrassing.

  2. I'd love to be changed and paraded in such a pretty uniform such a perfect little dolly.

  3. For a last minute Halloween costume I dressed up my boyfriend as " Little Red Riding Hood, so,so, pretty he( she ) looked!" Panties , tights girlie kind of shoes So " Sweet.Renee Z.