Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Adopted Sissy Daughter

At first, I was so happy when I learned that Mother had arranged to adopt me.  She seemed like a very nice lady.  I hated living in foster homes.  Since I was smaller and skinnier than the other boys in the foster homes, I was often bullied and beaten. 

But I started to worry during the drive home from the adoption agency.  Mother kept saying things like, "You are such a pretty girl," and "I'm so happy that you are now my daughter," and "I'm glad your hair is already long..."  I wasn't sure what to do or say.  I didn't want to be rude to my new Mother.

But she when she wouldn't stop talking about me like that, I finally spoke up, "But I'm not a girl!" I shouted.

"Oh don't be silly, Mother replied.  "You ARE a girl!"

When we got home, Mother showed me to my new room.  It was decorated in pink and white, with pictures of flowers on the walls and dolls everywhere.  And the closet and drawers were filled with girl clothes.  Now I was getting pretty upset about this situation.  I protested again, saying that I was a boy and that didn't want to live in a girl's room with girl stuff and that I wanted her to stop saying that I was a girl.

Well, that was a big mistake.  Mother grabbed me and stripped off all of my clothes -- Wow! She was really strong.  She threw me over her knee and spanked my bare bottom hard for what seemed like an hour.  All the while she yelled at me saying, "Listen here, little missy.  I say you are a girl and that means you are a girl.  I don't care if you think you were a boy but from now on you (whack!) are (whack!) a (whack!) GIRL! (whack! whack! whack!)"

When she was done spanking me, she roughly shoved me off her lap and onto the floor.  "Now you just stay here and think about all this until I call for you."  She picked up my boy clothes off the floor and left my room. 

I had never been so scared or confused in my whole life.  As I lay there, naked on the floor, I started to cry.  I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. 

About 20 minutes later, Mother called out, "Victoria dearest!  Come to my room!"

I was still naked.  I decided to grab a pair of pair a girls panties from the drawer and I walked to Mother's room.  When I entered, Mother was sitting at her vanity, also wearing nothing but panties.  Her huge breasts were on full display for me.  "Look at us," she chirped.  "We're both wearing panties.  We're twins!"

She walked over to me.  I was trembling and staring at the floor, afraid to look directly at her.  She wrapped her arms around me tightly and pressed me against her enormous boobs.  They felt so soft.  "I'm sorry I had to spank you, Victoria.  I hope you learned your lesson and never disobey me or disagree with me again."

I nodded in agreement.

"Good.  You are going to enjoy being a girl and being my daughter.  It will be a wonderful and exciting experience for you.  Together, we are going to turn you into a lovely young lady."

I gulped.  This was crazy -- but I kept my mouth shut.

"And very soon you will get to have your own big, soft breasts, just like mine.  Won't that be wonderful, Victoria?!" She said.


  1. Oh to have been adopted by someone like this.

  2. i remembered my fisrt time. i was 25 the night tammy took me to her house. heidi was waiting for us and we went to the bedroom. heidi and tammy made me play strip poker. she told me the loser was going to get a bath and a spanking. i lost every hand and i was really scared. fortunately they didn't take off my underwear as they led me to the bathroom. tammy made my bubble bath and told me to get in. i washed myself for a minute then heidi ordered me to stand up and put my hands in the air. my face turned red because they could see all of me thru my wet garment. 'i think our baby girl forgot to take something off.' heidi pulled down and removed my underpants. tears were running down my face and i was trembling as i popped out of my underpants. for a moment i was moving up and and down like a diving board and they could see everything 'all three of them are pointing up now' said tammy. heidi told me to stand still.
    as they gentily washed all of me my whole body felt limp yet it was tingling at the same time. heidi made me turn around and bend over for my spanking. as heidi began, tammy reached around to my front and graspst me in her hand. this made me feel incredibly safe and warm. my two mommies were going to take care of me and love me. i had never felt anything like this in my life 'i want to be your baby girl' i repeated over and over.
    when my spanking was finished heidi said 'spread your legs for me sweetie, i need to take your temperature' heidi's gentle voice completly melted my heart. i spread my legs as wide as i could. as i felt heidi moving the thermometer inside of me and tammy holding my front, my trembling body told me that i was their new-born baby girl. i would always listen to and mind my mommies.
    this happened over 30 years ago but i remember like it was yesterday. the most fufilling night of my life.
    linda i would love to follow you. i hope my comments are okay. if they're not, please teach me how to feel them better.

  3. Every sissies fantasy including mine it's just a shame there are not enough people around to do this for real.

  4. Hopefully his new "mommy " will introduce her slowly, gradually into girlhood, letting her new daughter adjust to it. Oh she has so much to learn, makeup. hair-care, skin-care, how to coordinate outfits, styles, and much more ! Mommy should work on his mind via subliminal tapes looped onto music or his favorite movies whenever he listens to his music or watches a movie, Hypnosis may prove useful in rewriting his male brain.
    Full reassignment surgery though ? That's a tough call to make. Depends on how Mommy and daughter feel about that decision.
    Please continue this story and more pictures please.

  5. i dream for this.. nice story xx