Monday, October 25, 2010

Sissy's DisneyWorld Vacation -- Part 1

I was so excited that my Stepmother was going to take me on vacation -- to DisneyWorld!  I had always dreamed of going to DisneyWorld.  Our trip was planned for late October when I had a short break from school. 

I really don't like my Stepmother.  She is not nice to me.  Ever since she caught me once trying her clothes, she has insisted that I wear girls clothes at home whenever my father is away -- which is very often because he is in the Navy and is sometimes away for months at a time.  She says that I am a pathetic Sissy Faggot.  She makes me cook and clean and she beats me for making even a tiny mistake.  She made me practice my make-up, my voice, my walk -- everything -- so that now I can really look and act like a girl.  She hasn't let me get a haircut for nearly a year and now my hair is starting to get pretty long.

Anyway, I thought the vacation might mean that maybe my Stepmother was going to start being nicer to me...

On the day of our trip, the limo came to the house very early.  Everything seemed to be in a big, frantic rush to get out of the house.  Unfortunately, in our rush, it seems that my suitcase was left behind.  Stepmother was very, very angry with me, saying that it was all my fault that my suitcase was left in the house.  She slapped me hard across the face, calling me a "Stupid Sissy Faggot" -- right in front of the limo driver, who just laughed at my humiliating treatment.  There wasn't time to go home and get it so Stepmother said that she would have to get me some new clothes when we got to Florida.

When we arrived at the hotel and entered our room, I saw that it only had one big bed, not two smaller beds.  When I asked Stepmother about it she just said that this was the only room the hotel had available and that it wasn't a problem and that would just share the bed.  That sounded very strange to me...

I hung out in the hotel room while my Stepmother went shopping for some new clothes for me.  She seemed very happy when she returned.  We ate room service for dinner.  When it was time to get ready for bed, Mother noted that since I didn't have any pajamas I would have to borrow one of her nighties to sleep in.   She handed me  a pretty, clingy black silk nightie that was trimmed with lace.  I didn't argue because she had been so angry with me earlier.  I put it on and she gushed about how pretty and sexy I looked in it.  She insisted on putting my hair in a ponytail and taking some photos of me -- which she often did when she had me dressed as a girl.  She put the camera away and I climbed into bed. 

A few minutes later, Stepmother emerged from the bathroom -- wearing the exact same nightie!  That was so strange.  Why would she pack two identical nighties for a vacation to DisneyWorld?  I was beginning to think that my suitcase wasn't left behind by accident...

Stepmother turned off the lights and climbed into bed.  She snuggled up very very close to me, rubbing her hands all over my silk covered body.  She whispered in my ear that I was beautiful and that it made her excited to dress me up like a girl.  It made me very uncomfortable and frightened and confused to be cuddled and carressed by Stepmother like this.  But I was also getting excited from her touch.  My little cock became stiff and Stepmother wrapped her long fingers around it.  She stroked my cock and whispered in my ear, "I am going to start calling you Alice.  Cum for me now, Sissy Alice!"

And I did.


  1. I would have to say your suitcas was left behind on purpose. Oh and you do make a cute girlie looking sissy.

  2. My idea, the suitcase is already packed with girly clothes!" Sweet,Ruffle pantied Sissy Tina F.