Friday, October 8, 2010

A Sissy's Education

"Quit your pouting and change your attitude right this second, missy," scolded my stepmother.  "Look at the time and you're not even dressed yet!"

"But you promised!" I cried.  "We had a deal.  You said I could go to college in the fall if I let you treat me like a daughter all summer.  Well, I did everything you asked.   I travelled all over Europe with you pretending to be mother and daughter.  I let you dress me up like a girl every day.  I even learned how to do my hair and make-up like a real girl."

"Wasn't that just delightful," she replied.  "And you looked so cute in your swimsuit on the beach in Capri..."   

"And," I continued, "I think you've been putting female hormones in my food."

"You figured that out, did you Einstein?" my Stepmother sneered.  "What gave it away?  Was it those B-cup boobs or the fact that your little 'thingie' doesn't get hard any more?  Now hurry up and put one your dress.  The car will be here soon to take us to the airport."

"But I'm not going!" I screamed.  "You can't make be go to a girls' finishing school!"

"Oh, I can and I will!" my stepmother shot back.  "Now you listen to me you little faggot sissy.  I know you like to dress up like a girl.  I know you've been trying on my things when I'm not home.  Don't try to deny it."

I hung my head in shame.  "We've already discussed this a hundred times," I said, defeated.  "Yes, I like to wear girl things occassionally.  I like to pretend I'm a girl once in a while." 

"Well, then, what's the problem?  I'm letting you live out your dream and pretend to be a girl all the time.  I'm even willing to spend a lot of money to send you to school to be the very best girl you can be!  Now one more word out of you and I will tell your father that you're a little sissy that likes to dress up like a pretty girl!"

Oh no!  Anything but that.  My stepmother held the trump card and she knew it.

"Oh my," my stepmother said, " the limo is already here.  Get your dress on and let's get you to school."


  1. love this caption, keep doin what your doin!

  2. He makes such a pretty girl, he should be dilited with his step-mothers help.

  3. Good ol' step mother. She knows what he really needs - being a girl instad.

  4. I keep him in a bra, panties and nylons for a very long, long time!" Heather M.