Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Sissy and his Sister

Sissy Sandra sat on the beach with his twin sister Emily.

"Say Cheese, Sandra!" Emily's husband Mark called.  Sissy Sandra turned toward the camera as Mark snapped another picture.

Poor little Sissy Sandra.  He was a pathetic, quivering shell of a person.  Fortunately his sister Emily took good care of him.

Their parents died when they were little children and they were sent to live with their Aunt Jenny.  Aunt Jenny had some serious issues with men and didn't like the idea of having a boy in the house.  So she decided that her little nephew Sammy would become her neice Sandra.  From that moment on, Sissy Sandra's life became a bizarre nightmare.

Aunt Jenny decided that Sandra should emulate his sister Emily in every way.  Sandra was not permitted to have wants or ideas of his own.  When Emily wanted Barbie dolls for Christmas, they both got Barbie dolls.  When Emily wanted to take ballet lessons, they both took ballet.  When Emily wanted to get her nails done, they were both taken to the salon for manicures.  Whatever outfit Emily put on in the morning, Sandra would have to put on his matching outfit.  Sissy Sandra was raised as a girl, a copy of his sister, in every way.

And of course, when Emily entered puberty, Aunt Jenny arranged for hormones for Sissy Sandra.  And before sending her twin "neices" off to a women's college in New England, Sissy Sandra underwent facial surgery and had breast implants to better match his beautiful, sexy sister.

Raised in this way, Sissy Sandra had no personality of his own.  He knew no existance other than to be exactly like his lovely sister.  After years of living in fear of the severe punishments he would receive if he didn't look, act, sound and even think like his sister, poor Sissy Sandra didn't know any other way to live. 

And so, Sissy Sandra lived with his sister and her husband.  Emily was very kind and gentle with her Sissy brother, helping him to be as feminine and beautiful as she was herself.  Poor Sissy Sandra could only feel peace and contentment by knowing he was almost identical to his exquisite sister.

But what sister Emily didn't know was that her husband Mark was taking advantage of this situation.  He had convinced Sissy Sandra that whenever Emily was away, then Sissy Sandra had to become Mark's "wife".  It made perfect sense, Mark explained.  To be like his sister, Sissy Sandra had to do EVERYTHING his sister did.  And so, whever Emily left for an hour or a day or a week, Sissy Sandra would be ordered into the Master bedroom to be Mark's surrogate "wife", doing all sorts of nasty things that Mark could never ask his wife Emily to do.


  1. Oh poor sissy Sandra, no exsistance but to be a copy of sister Emily. Don't se much of a down side to this.

  2. what is shauna talking about Remember women rule,"! Men drool act as a fool!" Jennifer A.

  3. girls, stop fighting!" remember sugar n spice be nice?" Lady like!" Deana C

  4. oh what a good story, one can only dream of. xx