Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sissy's DisneyWorld Vacation -- Part 2

We got up early the next morning.  Today we were going to Epcot!  I asked Stepmother for the clothes that she had bought for me yesterday.  "Of course,"  she said, "I got you a nice shirt and some jeans to wear today."

Well, I opened the bag and was horrified by what I found.  "But this is a GIRL'S tank top.  And these aren't boy's jeans -- these are girl's capri pants!"

"No shit," replied Stepmother.  "Now put them on and let's go.  Or don't you want to go see Epcot?  And don't you want some more 'nightie fun' with me tonight like we had last night?"

"But, but, but,"  my head was spinning. "I can't go to Epcot dressed like a girl!"

"Of course you can.  No will know but me.  Now hurry up  and get dressed."

Well, I did as she commanded.  Once I had the tank top and capris on,  she put a little make-up on me and brushed out my hair.  "There!  You look lovely!  Just another teenage girl at Epcot.  Now let's go!"

We did go to the park and no one seemed to notice that I wasn't a girl.  In fact, it seemed like a lot of boys (and a lot of grown men) were staring at me.  Stepmother said that they were staring because I was so pretty and they were imagining having sex with me.  Yuck!

After a while I began to relax and focused less on the fact that I was dressed like a girl.  And Stepmother was really nice to me all day.  She must have taken 200 photos of me that day!  All day long she called me Alice and seemed to really be enjoying having me dressed up like a girl in public.

We were exhausted from our busy day when we returned to the hotel.  We took quick showers and I didn't protest when Stepmother told me to put on my nightie.  Stepmother brushed out my hair and did  my nails.  I enjoyed being treated so gently by her -- even if it was a little strange to be dressed as a girl.    After we turned off the lights, Stepmother once again started carressing me and whispering in my ear what a pretty girl I was.  I lay back as she gently stroked my stiff little cock through the silk of my nightgown.  In just a few moments she made me cum -- all over my nightie.  She raised the cum-covered hem of my nightie to my mouth and made me suck my cum off of it.  "That's a good little Sissy," Stepmother said.

The next day we went to Disney Studios.  This time Stepmother handed me a flimsy little sundress and some flip flops to wear.  I tried to protest but of course, in the end I did what Stepmother told me to do.

I was really nervous and uncomfortable wearing the little dress.  I felt like everyone -- especially all the boys -- were staring at me.  I felt half naked.  I worried all day that my skirt wouldn't stay down and everyone would see my panties. 

Stepmother and I had a wonderful time at the park.  She told me about a thousand times how cute and pretty and sexy I looked in my little flowered dress.  She took tons of photos and even some video of me having fun in the park wearing my pretty dress.

And of course, at the end of the day, Stepmother and I returned to our hotel for what she called "nightie fun."  I was in heaven.

The next day we were going to the Magic Kingdom...


  1. I can understand why all the boys would be looking at you, a very cute girl.

  2. Why ? Didn't you painted her ( his ) toenails I would have a Girlish Pink don't you think?" Maybe a training bra though a transparent top Sexy Girl!" Rita R. Later on in another outfit Garter belt attached too sexy nylons Sissy Bitch Boy!"

  3. realize how fortunate that your transformation is so succesful! If you look that lovely and feminine, be proud of it, show off how feminine you are, be happy as the girl you have always wanted and needed to be. You would be so lucky to spend the remainder of your days as a pretty, obediant young woman.