Monday, October 11, 2010

Sissy Salon Fun

Your Sissy will spend many, many hours at the beauty salon, having his hair, his make-up and his nails done.  You may even choose to have your Sissy waxed and maybe massaged!

These hours in the salon are a very important time for your Sissy.  Here are some tips for getting the most out of this time.

Most importantly, everyone at the salon must know who and what your Sissy is.  My experience is that the gals who work in the salon will take much pleasure in having a sweet little Sissy to play with.  Your Sissy will find their kindness and acceptance both pleasant and humiliating, as it will powerfully reinforce how unmanly your Sissy has become.

The salon's other clients must also know the truth about your Sissy.  And in my experience, these women are often disgusted and horrified by the idea of a Sissy sharing their salon.  These gals can be relied on to brutally insult and humiliate your Sissy.

Today, my Sissy has just had his make-up done (check out those eye-lashes!) and his hair put up in curlers.  As I enter the salon, my Sissy obediently drops his eyes to the floor.

"Well take a look at you," I say in a loud voice that everyone can hear.  "I hope you've been a good little Sissy while the girls were doing your hair and make-up."

"Yes, Ma'am," my Sissy meakly replies.

"Those curlers need to stay in for another hour.  No point just sitting around here.  Come along, let's go shopping at the mall.  Grab your Sissy purse and go get in the car."


  1. Oh to be her a total faggot sissy being all made up

  2. I would love to be in this exact situation.

    1. omg this would be a dreamy day for me!

  3. I can't wait too do this to my panty- waisted boyfriend?" Becky B.

  4. I was in tightly wound curlers and lingerie every chance we could...wife luved me that way...slept in curlers and nighty almost every night....and the kinkier ....the more she enjoyed it

  5. Oh how I would love this to happen to me in real life.

    Shauna Marie