Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Good Sissy Knows How to Please His Master

Sissy Daisy made final preparations for his Master's return from work.  Sissy Daisy's corset was tightly laced, his 4 inch sandals were strapped to his feet, his hair and make-up were perfect and the dinner table was set.

The last thing Sissy Daisy did was to daintily pat his perfumed dusting powder on his back and shoulders.  Sissy Daisy knew that doing this pleased the Master.

With all preparations complete, Sissy Daisy stood at the front door and awaited his Master's return.

Sissy Daisy heard his Master's car pull into the driveway and his little Sissy heart started beating hard.  As the Master entered the home, Sissy Daisy looked to the floor and gave a well-practiced curtsey.  "Welcome home, Sir," he said.

The Master grabbed his Sissy in his strong arms and kissed him hard.  "I'm horny," the Master announced.  The Master roughly dragged his Sissy into the kitchen and bent him over the kitchen counter.

The Master quickly dropped his trouser.  With one hand he firmly gripped the back of his Sissy's neck, pushing the Sissy's face and chest hard against the cold hard granite of the kitchen counter.  With his other hand, the Master lifted Sissy Daisy's skirt, exposing the Sissy's soft, round bottom.    

In a single, cruel motion, the Master rammed his monstrously huge cock all the way into Daisy's tight Sissy pussy.  Sissy Daisy screamed with pain and tears began to flow from his pretty mascara'd eyes.

The Master bent over his Sissy's back and started kissing and biting the back of his Sissy's neck and shoulders while his huge cock continued to thrust in and out of his Sissy.  Smelling the perfumed powder on his Sissy's shoulders, the Master said, "Mmmmm, you smell good."

Sissy Daisy smiled through his tears, knowing he had pleased his Master.


  1. Doing what a sissy should just to be a good sissy.

  2. Be a good sissy panty ass bitch!" " Obey " Mistress Jackie and I won't pierce your cock!"