Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swimsuit Sissies

The poor little sissies had never been displayed before in swimsuits. But here they were, nervously descending the stairs to the crowded pool area of the fancy resort.

Their Masters looked on approvingly at the sweet
sissies in their skin tight swimsuits and high heeled sandals.

In a few minutes, the sissies will be rubbing suntan lotion onto their Masters' muscular shoulders, fetching them drinks, and doing all the things that a pair of totally feminized boys should do for their owners.


  1. Even though it would be embarrassing I would love to be so displayed.

  2. Humiliating? absolutely but it's what this sissy craves so much they'd love you to do this to them.

  3. I would make these sissy bitches, in sexy swimsuits, Wash my cars, Renee Z.