Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sissy's First Date

Little Sissy Wendy had spent most of the aftenoon at the salon being prettified to sissy perfection for his big night.

Sissy Wendy's Mistress had posted ads on the Internet to find a boyfriend for her exquisitely feminized Sissy.  Poor little Sissy Wendy is disgusted and terrified about having a male lover.  But this is what Mistress wants and she doesn't care about Sissy Wendy's silly feelings.

As the door bell rings, Mistress reminds Sissy Wendy that he is to be charming, obedient and submissive on his first date with a man.


  1. I could see being terrified as you don't know how your date will treat you, but other than that I would love it.

  2. I make doubly sure that your dress is unbelievable short that your granny panties are on display on your date! SissyBitch Gretchen O.