Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sissy Double Date

Poor little Sissy.  At first he thought the crossdressing games he played
with his wife were fun.  But now, 18 months later, he is living as the full-
time maid to his Wife/Mistress and her lover. 

Recently, his Wife/Mistress has been saying that her Sissy is simply too pretty, too sexy to keep locked up in the house.  So tonight, Sissy is going on a double date with his Wife/Mistress, her lover and another man!  Poor Sissy!  He is so nervous and so frightened.  He knows nothing about the man that his Wife/
Mistress has selected for his date.  All Sissy does know is that he will
be beaten severely if he doesn't look pretty or if he doesn't behave
himself tonight... 


  1. Looking pretty is acomplished so now it's all down to behavior.

  2. I have a better one, Be very, very, girly!" or you will, be very, very, Girlie and balls less too? " SissyBitch!!! Pamela A.