Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sissy in a Bikini Pleases his Master

Although Sissy Lydia fought against his captivity and forced femininity training at first, he had now embraced his new life and his new body.  The hormones, the beatings, the forced sex, the hours of beautification procedures had stripped him of his old male persona.  Instead, his Master and Trainer had created a sexy and beautiful love doll with beautiful, full breasts, a luscious round ass, long auburn hair and soft, silky skin.  Now, Sissy Lydia's entire sense of self and purpose was to serve and please his Master 24 hours a day.  Sissy Lydia was so happy to pose seductively in his skimpy bikini while his Master played with himself, enjoying Sissy Lydia's show.


  1. As any well trained sissy should.

  2. Remember sissy wax or shave if your wearing a bikini, don't forget the high heels?" Slut" Jennifer A.