Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elegant Sissy at Bedtime

Knowing that his Master demanded absolute Sissy perfection, Sissy Lisa spent hours each evening preparing himself for bedtime to ensure that his Master was pleased.  Sissy Lisa made sure that his hair and make-up were sexy and elegant.  He donned the luxurious night gown and robe that had been an "anniversary" gift from his Master.  Tonight they were celebrating the 6 month anniversary of Sissy Lisa's enslavement to his Master.
"Oh baby, you are so hot!"said his Master as Sissy Lisa made his grand entrance into the Master bedroom.  "Now get over here and wrap those pretty Sissy lips around my big fat cock." 


  1. Oh my what an elegant sissy and so obedient too.

  2. it's a sheer baby doll nightie, also a cock cage too! Wendy P.