Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sissy Housewife Welcomes her Man Home

"Honey, I'm home!" my Master/Husband called as he walked in the door.

I quickly removed my apron and raced to meet him at the door for his welcome home kiss.  My Master/Husband hugged me hard, giving my bottom a squeeze.

"Your dinner is ready," I said proudly, knowing that I had fulfilled one of my important Sissy Housewife duties.

"Dinner can wait.  I'm horny!" he announced as he unzipped his pants.

I dutifully dropped to my knees as I had been trained and eagerly started kissing, licking and sucking his big, hard cock, just as a good Sissy Housewife should.


  1. Oh to be such a throughly well trained sissy wife, would be heaven.

  2. I want to be a sissy wife with all the responsiblities of pleasing and servicing my husband, make me a sissy wife, hate the male role.

  3. I so want to be a pretty sissy wife, welcoming my man home and pleasing him like a good wife should. Have is meal ready and waiting, kiss him eagerly then drop to my knees and worship his hard real man cock.

  4. Though I do not have a Master I do have 2 lesbian Mistresses that I live with 24/7. Whenever they feel the need to fuck me with their strap-ons they do that to me & I really enjoy how forcefull at times they can be. There's nothing like a very pretty Mistress slamming their sissy with a hard cock. Also during the weekdays if any service men show up at our house. I am to make sure that their balls are well drained before they leave. Luckidly most of the men who come here cum, hehehe!! Sometimes a service woman shows up & I give them the option of using which evey strap-on that is on display to use on this little sissy's body.
    On weekends they have lots of BBC's here for me to satisfy, here.

  5. I wish to be the submissive Sissy wife of a real man.

  6. Im so Happy that Im a Sissy Wife, it feels so right doing things for my Tommy,Even throw sometimes he has to get Ruff with me or Spank me,im still happy.