Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sissy's Anniversary Surprise

Mistress Royale told me that she had a "big surprise" planned for my second anniversary.  You see, it was exactly two years ago today that I fell under the control of Mistress Royale.  Since that day, she has been transforming me into a sweet, sexy Sissy plaything.

I had no idea what my "big surprise" might be.  I had hoped that she might give a present -- maybe a pretty locket with her picture inside or maybe a lacy nightgown.  Or perhaps she might invite some other Mistresses to bring their Sissies over for a Sissy tea party.

When it was time for my "big surprise", Mistress handed me a box containing a very sexy lingerie set, with a black, cropped cami top, a matching garter belt and fishnet stockings.  Once dressed in my outfit, she instructed me to put my arms behind my back.  When I did so, she tightly cuffed my wrists.  And then she blindfolded me.  I was getting excited.  I was feeling sexy and was so pleased with all the attention that Mistress was paying me.

She led me, cuffed and blindfolded into the next room, where she told me my anniversary present awaited.

When my blindfold was removed, I found myself standing in front of five, half-naked black men.  "He's all yours, boys!" Mistress Royale said to the muscular bulls.  And to me she said, "Happy Anniversary, Sissy!  I hope you enjoy your surprise!" 

I was horrified and so scared when I realized what was happening.  I turned to run for the door but the men quickly surrounded me and grabbed me.  There was no escape.

Mistress turned to leave and said, "Have fun boys!  Remember, the only rule:  no visible marks.  Other than that, you can do what you want to him.  Oh, and don't forget, I'm filming all this so I can post it to the internet later."  And with that, Mistress was gone.

"This is one sweet Sissy!"  one of the men said. 

"I can't wait to jam my big black cock up this little white Sissy bitch's ass!" said another.

The men started stripping off their pants, exposing their monstrous cocks.  Their hands were now all over me, and some started kissing me.  I could feel a stiff cock starting to dribble as it began to slide between my ass cheaks.

I started crying and begging them not to hurt me.  But one of the men slapped me hard across the face and snarled, "Shut the fuck up, Sissy!"

Another one said, "Yeah, a Sissy's mouth isn't for talking.  It's for sucking black cock!"

All the men roared with laughter when he said that. 

And so my "anniversary surprise" nightmare began.  I was the little white sex toy for five big black studs who beat me and gang raped me for two straight hours, filling me with gallons of their hot sticky cum.




  2. Well it might not have been what the sissy wanted for a gift, but mistress knows what sissy needs more than sissy does.

  3. Every weekend since for the longest time the 2 Mistresses that I live with have had at least 2 black men with BBC's over at our house for me to service. I/they keep doing me until I have drained their balls of all cum. Then they sit & rest to recharge. This keeps going until the weekend is either over or they are to pooped to pop!! :)

  4. Ohhhhh, honey! How can it be rape when you enjoy it sooooo much!!