Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sissy's Sexy New Lingerie

 "Oh Sissy Belinda!  Come here!" my Wife shouted from her bedroom, ringing a bell that could be heard throughout the house.  I had been dreading this moment all night. 

Four hours ago, before going out on a date with her new boyfriend, my Wife handed me a box from a fancy lingerie shop downtown.  "There is a very pretty new bra and panty set in the box.  I want you to be wearing this and looking your sexiest when I get home.  And I want you wearing this pink bow in your hair.  And this lacey glove.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I meekly replied.  And while my Wife was out on her date, I dressed in the outfit as ordered.  I carefully tucked my pathetic little cockette away to ensure there would be no unsightly bulges.  I worked very hard to make my hair and make-up look sexy too.

My wife had returned home about an hour ago and was entertaining her new lover in the Master bedroom.  I had been waiting in silence in the laundry room, which was now also my bedroom.   And now I had been summoned.

I raced up the stairs to my Wife's master bedroom because my Wife hates to be kept waiting.  There I found my Wife and her lover sitting in bed naked, breathless from having just made love.

"You see, Charles, you didn't believe me.  This is my Sissy husband.  I call him Belinda now," my Wife explained to her muscular and handsome lover.

"No way!" he exclaimed in disbelief.  "That hot chick was your husband?"

"Well, unfortunately, technically he still is my husband, but you neededn't worry about that."  Then to me she said, "Well don't just stand there, Sissy Belinda.  Show us what you got.   Give us some sexy poses and show us what a pretty and pathetic little Sissy you've become.  I want to take some more photos of you."

As instructed, I struck several provocative poses, while my wife snapped away with her camera.  I could see the sheets cover Charles' lap begin to stir as I did my thing.  Obviously he was enjoying my performance and getting excited.

"And Charles, Sissy Belinda doesn't just look and act like a girl.   Oh no, he also sucks cock like a girl.  Isn't that true Sissy?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied shamefully.  This was not the first time that my Wife had brought a lover home and forced me to "entertain" him.

"Well then, don't just stand there. Get over here and wrap your lips around this," she commanded as she threw back the sheets.  I gasped with when I saw her lover's monstrous cock.  My wife roared wife laughter seeing the shock on my face.  "Get busy Sissy!"


  1. Oh my how amazing, just adore this. sissy jayne xx

  2. That took my breath away , thank you xox


  3. Love sissy's look and would love to be just like this sissy.

  4. The sissy husband has to pleasure him and clean him at the same time. How efficient.

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