Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Sissy for the Entire Family to Enjoy!

When my Father ran off with another woman two years ago, my Stepmother became crazed with anger.  I knew that she had never really liked me and now that Father was gone, I knew that I would bear the brunt of her rage.  

I remember the day that she decided that she had too many boys to raise.  You see, she already had four sons of her own, all of whom were big and strong and brutish and mean.  Over dinner one night, Stepmother announced that from that moment on, that I would be a girl, her "daughter".  She said that I was already "girlish" to begin with and that I was probably a secret "sissy faggot" anyway, so turning me into a girl would be easy.  Her four sons roared with laughter when she said this, while I ran from the kitchen in tears and hid in my room.  I was so scared of what was going to happen to me and so ashamed to be called names like "Sissy" and "faggot" in front of my half brothers.

My life changed completely.  From that day forward, I was continuously with my Stepmother.  I even slept in a small cot in her bedroom.  I no longer went to school.  All of my old clothes were thrown away.  I was allowed to wear only my Stepmother's old dresses.  I even had to wear her underwear and her high heeled shoes.  My days were spent in dresses and make-up, cooking for and cleaning up after my four half brothers.  Stepmother punished me harshly if my chores were not done perfectly or if my behavior was not completely feminine.  I was taken to see several doctors and given shots and pills and soon I started to notice changes in my body.

After a while, I didn't mind so much the tiring and demeaning chores I did all day.  But I dreaded the end of the day when the boys would return home.  They relentlessly teased me, calling me names, slapping and pinching my butt, grabbing and squeezing my growing breasts.  It was awful.

Whenever Stepmother and the boys went into town to go to a restaurant or see a movie, I would be left behind.  Stepmother said that I couldn't be trusted to behave properly unsupervised, so I would be tied up in the storage room over the garage whenever they went out. 

Tonight, Stepmother was taking the boys into town for dinner.  Because Stepmother was angry with me for something I did or didn't do, she made me take off my dress and undies before being imprisoned in the garage attic for the evening.  The boys loved staring at me being paraded through the house naked by their mother!  The attic was so cold and uncomfortable.  I sat there for hours with nothing to do but to think about what a nightmare my life had become.

But at least tonight, I was alone.  That was better than being groped and abused by the boys.  Whenever Stepmother was out -- or any other time the boys could get me alone -- they would do things to me.  And make me do things to them.  It was horrible and disgusting and painful.  The boys used me a like a real girl, pumping gallons of their hot, sticky cum into to me and all over me.

The oldest one, Carl, was the worst.  He was mean and stupid and huge.  He not only liked to fuck me, but he really enjoyed hurting me at the same time, slapping me, pulling my hair, twisting my arms up hard behind my back.  Well at least the boys were out tonight.  Or so I thought.

That's when I heard Carl's heavy footsteps clumping up the stairs to the attic.  "Guess what, Sissy?  I came home early tonight.  So you and I can have some fun together and nobody will bother us.  Won't that be fun?"  He was already unzipping his jeans as he approached me.  I scrambled to me feet in a useless attempt to get away from him, but my hands were tied and I had no where to go.

He grabbed me with his huge rough hands.  He squeezed my boobs really hard and licked my face all over with his disgusting, drooly tongue.

"You are all mine tonight, Sissy," he hissed into my ear as I started to cry.



  1. Well with your looks can you blame the boys.

  2. Think of this involuntary sissy's constant dread, always knowing another session with those half-brothers is coming. I've seen face-licking in drawings by Fabulous Tasha and it was a treat to encounter it in a story.

  3. You are one of the prettiest sissy I've ever seen!" You go girl?" and kick his ass for me, and girl power!" Renee Z. " If you need help, here I'm!"