Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sissy Pets -- Part 1

During the past two years, there has been a hot new trend for Sissy owners and collectors. Instead of ordering big breasted, totally transformed artificial girls, some Masters are now ordering partially transformed Sissies. Allowing no surgery and often no hormones, these Masters like to own a forcibly sissified boy who they keep in a permanent state of sexual limbo and torment.   Although these Sissies sometimes have long hair and wear make up, these femme boys are not allowed to pose as girls. They are  Sissies. They are often dressed in cute little Sissy outfits and don't even get to have a girly name.  I call these things "Sissy Pets."

"Sissy Timothy!"  Master bellowed in the crowded restaurant, attracting as much attention as possible. Sissy Timothy scurried back to the table having checked his Master's coat.   Poor Timothy's face was bright red, feeling every eye in the restaurant staring at him as he raced back to his Master's table. The other restaurant guests laughed seeing Timothy in his humiliating sissified state.  His outfit was Sissy perfection -- a silky blouse with an oversized collar,  shorty-shorts, sheer anklet socks and platform sandals.  He was near tears having his sissification being displayed so publicly.

Master ordered their dinners in a loud voice.  "I'll start with a vodka Martini and then I'll have the steak. My Sissy will have a glass of skim milk and the mixed greens, no dressing. I need my Sissy to keep his girlish figure!" he added to the delight of everyone in the restaurant.

While they waited for their food, Mster took out his cell phone and snapped his fingers twice. Sissy Timothy leapt to his feet and immediately began to massage his Master's broad shoulders, while Master conducted some business on the phone.

When their food arrived, Master put away his phone and told Sissy Timothy to sit.  "Sissy, I have some fun plans for us for tomorrow."  Sissy Timothy looked up from his salad with dread.  "After your ballet lesson, I thought we would go to the mall and buy you some pretty new dresses.  Wouldn't you like that?"

"Yes, Master, I would like that very much.  Thank you," Sissy Timothy obediently replied, horrified by the idea of it.  The other restaurant guests listened to the conversation with amusement, fascination and confusion.


  1. Excellent concept with endless potential. I can picture a Master having his sissy pet wait on him and his buddies while they play poker. Or trading his sissy pet for favors. "Go with Spike and Tony and they'll tune up my Harley for free." Hope you will give us a LOT more on this theme.

  2. An excellent theme with potential for continuation.

  3. Excellent, i wait the next chapter !

  4. Yes, as Belinda said, excellent theme, very enjoyable reading. Can't wait for the next installment.



  5. Guessing in her case. Masters enjoyment for humiliating sissy

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