Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Sissy's Dinner Date Fantasy - Part 2

Within a week of posting my profile, over 200 men had written to me!  I read every single message that I received. Then I carefully studied each man's profile and photos and I wrote flirty notes back to several of them. It didn't take long before I had actually scheduled a date with one of them!

For my very first date I had selected a man that seemed particularly promising. He name is Mark Jensen and he was in his mid-40s, divorced and a bank executive. He described himself as being six-foot-two and in excellent shape. And best of all were his photos! He was very handsome, with strong, chiseled features. His dark hair had a bit a grey at the temples.  One of his photos was taken at the beach -- with his shirt off exposing his muscular chest and shoulders!

We exchanged several emails and then we talked on the phone. I had practiced my girly voice and he didn't suspect a thing. In fact, he said my voice was sexy. And at the end of our conversation we agreed to meet for a date on Friday night!

I couldn't stop thinking about my big date all week. Even though I owned two pretty dresses that I could have worn, I decided I needed something even more special. I went to Macy's and spent $400 on a gorgeous black dress and another $200 on some sexy sling-backs with 3 inch heels.

On the night of our first date, I met Mark at Le Maison, the fanciest French restaurant in town. He was already sitting at the bar when I walked in. He looked just like his photos -- tall, handsome, sophisticated. He seemed very happy when he saw me for the first time. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek as he greeted me and the Maitre d' walked us to our table.  

My dinner date was just heavenly. Mark was a perfect gentleman and I felt like a perfect lady. He ordered a very expensive bottle of wine which was wonderful. We chatted about this and that. Mark mentioned several times during dinner that I looked very pretty -- which made me blush each time. Being with Mark made me feel like I was one of the beautiful, enchanting women in the romance novels I had read. 

We had a second bottle of wine and our conversation became flirtier. I was having so much fun -- it was like a dream come true.  

As dessert was being served, Mark got out of his chair and gave me a big kiss -- right there in the restaurant! It was so spontaneous and so romantic!

After dinner, Mark walked me to my car in the parking lot. But the evening didn't end there. We made out in the parking lot for another twenty minutes. Mark pressed me up against my car while he frenched me hard. He was so strong and forceful. I could feel his dick getting hard as he rubbed against me. It was so exciting!!! His hands even drifted up to feel my breasts -- he had no idea he was squeezing silicone falsies. He practically begged to see me again on Saturday, but I said no -- not because I didn't like him, but because I already had other plans for tomorrow night!

You see, I had already arranged a date with another man for the very next night!

After I got home from my exciting first date as a girl, I put on a sexy nightgown, some soft music and made myself cum, looking at Mark's profile photos, imagining that our wonderful date hadn't ended in the parking lot.

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  1. Very nice second chapter. I hope you continue this story line and include more beautiful pictures. You have a smooth way of writing that is a pleasure to read. Thanks