Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dr.Thompson's Sissy

I do not like being owned by Dr. Thompson. But I am trapped. I am now Dr. Thompson's Sissy Tabitha.

It started last October, about eight months ago, when I visited Dr. Thompson, the school counselor. I was confused and worried about my urge to crossdress. I felt that I needed to talk to somebody and Dr. Thompson seemed kind and willing to talk to me. When I started talking, Dr. Thompson appeared very interested in hearing about my problem. He asked me dozens of questions and gently urged me to describe all of my crossdressing experiences and my sissy feelings in great detail. At first it was embarrassing to reveal my secrets, but Dr. Thompson was persistent and eventually I opened up and shared everything -- absolutely everything.

What I didn't know then was that Dr. Thompson was recording the interview with a hidden camera and microphone.

"Well, Timmy," Dr. Thompson said as the two hour meeting concluded. "You really are quite the little sissy faggot aren't you?" Dr. Thompson's tone and words had suddenly turned harsh and mean. "Here's what we're going to do. You see, I recorded everything you just said -- sound and video -- and unless you want me to share this with everyone you know, you're going to do everything I say. Do you understand?"

I was so shocked that I couldn't even respond.  That's when Dr. Thompson slapped me hard across the face. "I asked you a question, sissy! DO...YOU...UNDERSTAND?"

I finally nodded and said that I understood.  And that's when Dr. Thompson started taking over my life.

Dr. Thompson convinced my parents that I had some kind of learning diability and that I needed to have "special tutoring" every weekend. In reality, Dr. Thompson was arranging to have me be his very own weekend sissy captive. Instead of attending the special classes he described to my parents, I have to go to Dr. Thompson's house every Saturday on Sunday morning and spend the entire day as Dr. Thompson's sissy plaything.

As soon as I arrive, Dr. Thompson orders me to strip out of my boy clothes and then he begins the process of dressing me up like a girl. Dr. Thompson has an enormous collection of girl's clothing -- I guess I am not his first sissy. He spends several hours supervising me as I transform into Tabitha, ensuring every detail conforms to his very perverted and very precise desires. He watches me as I slip on a bra and panties, as I do my make-up and make my hair look pretty. My outfit for the day depends on his mood. Sometimes he has me put on a frilly party dress. Other times he dresses me up in a sexy lady outfit. Some of the clothes are really uncomfortable, like this one. The stockings and panty are made of a really tight rubbery material and he laces the corset so tight that it is hard to breathe.

Once I am all dressed and my face covered with make-up, Dr. Thompson starts ordering me around. Usually it starts with me making his lunch.  Then I have to tidy up his home -- vacuuming, dusting, washing windows, doing his laundry. After he tires of watching me scurrying around like his private maid, he tells me to sit next to him on the couch.  Then he starts feeling me up and kissing me.  I have to sit on his lap, feeling his hard dick poking me through his trousers.  Eventually he takes me by the hand and leads me back into his bedroom where he does terrible things that I can't even talk about.  And all the while he takes photos and videos of me. Then, as evening approaches, he orders me to clean off my make-up and to change back into boy clothes so I can go home. 

This went on all fall and all winter.  I dreaded every weekend but at least the end of the school year was approaching. I figured I would be free from Dr. Thompson's clutches, at least during the summer until school started again.

But those dreams were crushed.  Dr. Thompson spoke to my parents and convinced them that there was a special summer camp for children with my "learning disability." He even managed to get them to pay him $3000 in "camp fees."  But of course, there was no summer camp. Dr. Thompson had just arranged to have me as his full-time sissy travelling companion for five weeks.

Here's a photo of me taken during our long summer vacation together.  I am kept dressed as a girl 24/7.  He makes me wear fancy, silky dresses and high heel shoes everywhere. He even took me to a beauty salon for have my hair and nails done. He enjoys taking me out in public -- restaurants, shopping malls, sightseeing, even on airplanes -- knowing how scared and uncomfortable I am being paraded around like this. If anyone ever asks, he says that I am his daughter. I have to call him Daddy when we're in public.

But when we're alone in our hotel room, we are no longer "father and daughter." He gets very excited by making me look and act like a girl in public. So when we're in the privacy of our hotel room, he becomes a crazed sex monster. He fucks me over and over and over, until he falls asleep. Then it starts all over again the next day.

I have no hope of escaping from this sissy nightmare!  


  1. Very nice matching photos. I hope Tabitha continues to blossom and finds a confidant to turn the tables on the Prof.

  2. Sissy nightmare?? Why, I think the school counselor is doing a good job. She's a lucky girl to have someone to guide her into sissyhood.

  3. Very nice! A great story with beautiful pics...Thanks for sharing them with us..

  4. Some of us sissies would think we had died and been reborn into our proper form. Lucky girl....

  5. love my doc to be like this to me, lucky girl, xx

  6. I would love to trade places with Timmy! He's living my dream!

  7. Just how I'd loved to be dressed up and treated.