Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Sissy's Dinner Date Fantasy -- Part 4

Two months have passed since that first weekend when I went out on dates with two different men. I found that experience so thrilling that I instantly became addicted to meeting new men on the internet and having them wine and dine me. Over the past two months, I have been out on dates with 23 different men!  I love how it feels to be the object of desire for these men, to be pursued, to be romanced. My heart races as I exchange emails with each new man. And the anticipation builds as we arrange for our first meeting. My excitement reaches a fever pitch as I prepare myself for each new date -- as I do my make-up and hair, as I put on my sexy lingerie and dress. It is electrifying! And then the date itself -- it is exquisite to be treated as a lady by a handsome gentleman. And almost every date ends the same way -- we go back to the guy's apartment where we make-out and before long my head is in his lap and his dick is in my mouth!

I was really enjoying meeting lots of different men and experiencing the thrill of many, many first dates. I meet a new man almost every Friday and Saturday night.  And then during the week, usually on Wednesday nights, I might let a man take me out on a second date. Some of my second dates have been really special and romantic, like being taken to the theater or a dinner cruise or a jazz club. And for treating me so nicely, I always give these men an extra special blow job at the end of the evening!

I had never been out with the same man more than twice until I met Chris Lewiston. Chris was some kind of investment specialist. He was very handsome and apparently quite wealthy. Of all the men I dated, he made me feel different. When we were together, I felt tingly all over. I would blush when he would compliment me. I would get all warm when he touched me. And when we were apart, I couldn't stop thinking about him. Maybe, I realized, I was falling in love with him!

So here I am on my fourth date with Chris. I bought another new dress just for tonight because I wanted to look extra pretty. We had a lovely dinner together. I was having a wonderful time.

"Tonight, I am going to make love to you all night long," he said as we finished our champagne.

Oh dear, I thought. Maybe going out on a fourth date was a bad idea. Of course he would expect that "things" would progress and that he would get to fuck me. But that could never happen because of my secret.

I started to make up an excuse as to why we couldn't make love tonight when he interrupted me.

"What's the matter, Sean?"

I nearly fainted when he said that.

"That's right, Sean," he continued. "I know everything about you. You see I arranged for a background check, an investigation into you. I was pretty furious when I discovered that you aren't really a girl. But the more I thought about, the more I realized that maybe it would be OK."

I started to relax when he said that. I started to breathe again. But my relief was premature.

"Yes, it would be OK because now you would be MY sissy. Here's what we're going to do. From now on, you will do everything I tell you to do. You are mine. I own you. Your only concern will be my pleasure. Do you understand, 'Sheila'?"

My mouth went dry. I was so shocked and confused by what was happening. But my inner sissy wouldn't allow me to fight back. I lowered my eyes and softly replied, "Yes, Sir. I understand."

"Good. Then get on your knees under the table and suck me off right now while I pay the check," he ordered.

I did exactly as he commanded. I slid beneath the table and crawled between Chris' legs. I unzipped his trousers and released his massive cock. It was already starting to stiffen as I started kissing and licking Chris' dick. And as I did so, I realized that this is exactly where I belonged. Chris would be the strict and demanding Master that I needed. As I stretched my lips around the enormous head, I thought about how Chris would be fucking me later. And when Chris' hot semen blasts into my sissy pussy, I will be forever branded as Chris's sissy.

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  1. Very nice twist. I am glad that you did not rush into this. Chris could be the one, could be the Master, but does not have to be. Please keep'em comming.