Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sissy Cheerleader

For the last three years, there has been a new tradition at State U football games.  After every big play -- a touchdown, a sack, an interception -- a cute little cheerleader named Stacey rushes onto the field and leaps into the arms of whoever made the big play and gives him a big wet kiss!  The crowd at the State U stadium really enjoys the new tradition.  They laugh and chant, "Slut!  Slut!  Slut!" as Stacey leaps onto one of the massive players to lock lips while everyone watches and cheers.

The players, of course, love feeling Stacey wrap her arms around their big strong necks.  And Stacey doesn't just give the boys a little kiss.  Oh no!  Stacey has been instructed to "open wide" and to suck eagerly on the players' tongues.  Stacey does this while the whole stadium -- and the television audience -- watches.  Some players like to give Stacey's ass a squeeze which always make the fans go even crazier!

Everyone enjoys the new tradition -- the fans, the players, the media -- everyone expect poor little Stacey.  You see, Stacey isn't really a cheerleader.  Stacey isn't even really a girl.  Stacey is a little Sissy that I had feminized.  Just another teenage crossdresser that had fallen into my clutches.  State U's Athletic Director had purchased Stacey from me as a "motivational tool" to encourage the team.

And it has really worked!  Ever since Stacey has been part of the "team," State U has been 22 - 6!  And they received Bowl Game invitations two years in a row!

When the team wins a game, there is an all night party in the locker room -- and Sissy Stacey is the "entertainment."  The hulking players take turns having sex with their Sissy cheerleader until they are too tired to fuck him anymore.  The players don't care that Stacey is a Sissy and not a real girl.  After all, no real girl would tolerate the humiliation and abuse that Sissy Stacey has to endure.  Plus, Sissy Stacey makes for a wonderful little fuck toy.  He can deep throut even the biggest cocks.  And the team loves ramming their dicks into his tight little "Sissy Pussy." And when the party is over, Sissy Stacey has to walk home all the way across campus in his cum-soaked cheerleader's uniform, much to the amusement of any students he passes along the way. 

"Home" for Sissy Stacey is the Athletic Director's house, where Stacey lives in a lonely cell in the basement.  And when Stacey isn't entertaining the crowds and "motivating"the team, the Athletic Director himself often enjoys Stacey's "talents."

This morning, the Athletic Director was up having his morning coffee when his cum-drenched Stacey staggered home from last night's locker room victory party.  "Ah, Stacey, you're finally home.  I've been thinking, since you've been such a help to our football program, I've decide that this winter you should do the same for our basketball team.  Isn't that a great idea?"

Sissy Stacey collapsed onto the floor in tears at the thought of being a sex slave for both the football AND the basketball teams.


  1. Very cute cap. I love ones like this.

  2. Awesome series you have here. Great work!

  3. I love the story but I think that its not true.

  4. So hot, but why would he start to cry? Serving the basketball team as well seems like a nice promotion for such a talented sissy.

  5. That's so hot, wish I was a cheerleader !

  6. I would beg for such privileges.

  7. If only you'd make me do this in real life a fuck toy for boys to use.It would be bliss.

  8. I would love to be forced to submit to being humiliated like this. For real. Sincerely Kimberly Pantyprincess