Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Cute Sissy Dress

When Mistress came home from work this evening, I was wearing my little maid's dress and greeted her with a curtsey, as I did every evening.  I took her bag and coat and brought her a glass of wine while she relaxed in her big chair in the living room.  As she sipped her wine, I busied myself massaging her feet as she told me about her plans for the evening.  

"We're going out tonight," she announced.  "Go put on that cute, pale yellow sissy party dress I bought you last week."  I stood up, curtsied and went to my room to change.

I was nervous as I put on my pretty little dress.  It just screamed "Sissy!"  Where ever we were going tonight, I was sure to attract a lot of attention.  It was made of sheer material and had a ruffly trim on the big collar and cuffs.  The skirt was both comically full and embarrassingly short.  I hated wearing it!  As I slipped out of my maid's outfit, I saw my reflection in the mirror.  I was surprised by how weak and skinny I looked.  I must have a few more pounds last week.  I put on my yellow sissy dress as instructed and returned to the living room.
When I returned to the living room, my Mistress as there, dressed all in tight black leather -- tight leather jeans, tall black boots and her black leather jacket.  I froze with fear when I saw her.  "That's right!" she said with an evil smile.  "Tonight we're going to the biker bar!"

"Oh, please no!," I pleaded.  "Not dressed like this!"

Well Mistress did not like hearing my protest.  She slapped me hard across the face.  "Sissies are NOT allowed to complain!" she screamed at me, slapping me hard across the face again.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. It won't happen again," I replied meekly.

"That's better,  Now get in the car."  And off we went.

The night was just as horrible as you can imagine.  The bar was packed with dozens of big, hairy men -- all in leather and jeans, covered with tattoos and smelling like beer and smoke.  And there was I, in my sweet little yellow Sissy dress.  I was the center of attention.  I was surrounded by men who, at first, were just laughing at me and calling me names.  But soon, some of the men started rubbing against me and feeling me up.  Then they started taking turns kissing me.  They would wrap their big arms around me and hug me so hard I could barely breathe.  I could feel their cocks get hard through their tight jeans as they pressed against me.  This went on for hours.  All the while, Mistress watched with delight from a stool at the other end of the bar.

Sometime around 1:30, I went to the ladies room.  But when I came out, Mistress was gone.  The bartender said that she left with a couple of guys.  I was stranded!  One man offered to drive me the morning.  I didn't have any options.  I left the bar with him and rode on the back of his Harley back to his trailer where we spent the night.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night as the man took full advantage of having a stranded Sissy in his bed.  

When I finally got home Mistress yelled at me for not having her breakfast ready.  I curtsied, apologized and went into the kitchen to prepare my Mistress's breakfast.      


  1. That is just an adorable sissy dress!

  2. Oh please, force me into that cute dress.

  3. It's the kind of forced situation I adore

  4. A Halloween party he will never live it down?" With all the pics I have, Dressed up as a pretty little girl!" so, so, sweet a shirley temple look so adorable , crinolines, panties Mary janes shoes " Adorable" Blake L.

  5. Blake I can't believe your boyfriend, will let you " Doll, him up"? Panties, Crinolines , E.T.C. I'm sure he'd Looked Sweet!" Luv too see some pictures of this?" Willa F.