Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rotten Stepson becomes a Perfect Sissy

When I decided to have my stepson transformed into a feminized, obedient Sissy, I had no idea where this would lead.  Mostly I was sick of his rude behavior, his back talk and his laziness.  It was such a relief when I had him sent away for his year-long transformation.

When I first brought him home I was totally amazed by his transformation.  Physically he had been completely changed.  He was now a pretty, delicate, completely feminine little Sissy.  His hair was long and had lovely coppery highlights.  He had lost twenty or thirty pounds -- maybe more -- and was developing the sweetest little breasts.  Everything about his body and appearance was now so girlish.  But his physical transformation was nothing compared to his mental transformation.

He was now utterly and totally obedient to me.  He seemed to have no desire other than to please me. He was such a delight to have around the house.  He needed no instruction to keep the house spotlessly clean, to prepare my meals, make my bed -- everything!  I let him help me dress and undress me and even bathe and massage me. He would never speak unless spoken to.  When I would enter a room, he would stop whatever he was doing, lower his eyes to the floor, and curtsey to me.  It was marvelous.

But over time, I developed a strange attraction to my litle Sissified creation.  He was so devoted to me and took such good care of me.  I soon started to enjoy my Sissy in more...intimate ways.   I had my little Sissy joining in my bath and in my bed.  I enjoyed running my hands all over his soft little body.   I enjoyed pressing his naked body against mine, letting him play with my big boobs while I played with his tiny little titties.  And best of all, I loved feeling his sweet little mouth and tongue on my pussy.  I hadn't realized how thorough his training had been!
Who knows?  Maybe I'll get my Sissy stepson some big sexy breasts so he can be more like me.  I bet he'd like that!


  1. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have something like that happen to me! Great story!

  2. jackie I agree totaly. I dream every night that a could be a submissive sissy slut who would serve females, as their Bitch and to be used by her completly!

  3. Let me serve her as a submissive slave.

  4. Definatly get him bigger breasts. I wonder about the stepson's desires. Of course, keeping him widly frustrated would make him a better pussy licker. Don't you think so?

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  6. My little brother would sneak in my room at times, and take things like money, and my unmentionables, Why?" I decided too set a trap up with my girlfriends, One of my girlfriend has this lipstick won't come off with out the remover!" he's stuck with sexy lips?" ha, ha We caught him, Forced him too wear girls clothes practice hair styles on his girly long hair and makeup apply over, and over again. Also waxed his eyebrows a little feminine arch so, so pretty!" What a pretty, pretty girl she ( he) would be?" ha, ha Patty D.

  7. I liked Patty's story I'm sure the panty thief was dressed in very girly panties also pantyhose too?" Keep up the good work girlfriend. Rebecca Q.

  8. Patty I loved your story about your little brother, how you and your girlfriends feminize him!" what brand of lipstick did you use on him?" Can't wait to here more? Allison R

  9. Your sissify brother, Patty I can't believed you and your girlfriends did these things too your brother? He must have been mortify and upset also!" How long was he or she " Ha, Ha," dress up like this? what brand of lipstick, or lipgloss did you used?" Gretchen *

  10. My step brother is a sissy to mum and my sisters and me, we dress him in girlie clothes , he hates his panties and bra and also his corset which we lace him in every night. He's getting quite a femenine figure now so mum is going to get his puny little boy bits sorted so he has a nice flat pantyline.

    1. I'm impressed, tell me more? You spelled feminine in correct Gretchen *