Sunday, February 26, 2012

Helpless Sissy Love Doll

Dr. Black is an unusual Sissy Master. Dr. Black does not enjoy beating his lovely little Sissy, except when absolutely necessary.

Dr. Black has other ways to get his Sissy to comply with his perverted demands.

Tonight, Sissy served Dr. Black his dinner and then stood silently next to his owner as he ate. Sissy looked so pretty with his hair and make-up done just perfectly and wearing only his soft pink silk nightie.  Dr. Black instructed his Sissy to massage his shoulders he finished his coffee. "Thank you for dinner, Sissy. It was delicious."

"You are welcome, Master," Sissy replied with a curtsey. "I am so happy that you enjoyed it," he said sweetly, just as he had been trained.

Dr. Black put down his coffee cup and started to rub his Sissy's ass. And then, suddenly, he yanked Sissy's panties down and pulled Sissy across his lap. Sissy started to squirm knowing exactly what was about to happen. But Dr. Black was far stronger than his weak little Sissy.

"Quit your fussing," Dr. Black warned. "I'm having a party tonight -- and you're the entertainment." Dr. Black held his Sissy down with one hand and with his other, he picked up a hypodermic needle. "This is going to sting a bit." the doctor said. And with that, he jabbed the needle into his Sissy soft, fleshy bottom, injecting him with a cocktail of psychotropic drugs designed to render his Sissy paralyzed and helpless -- but fully alert and aware.

The drugs took effect almost immediately.  Sissy was unable to move his arms or legs.  He was paralyzed and as helpless and limp as a rag doll.  He was unable to scream.  But he was able to fear what was about to happen to him. 

"Ah, that's much better," Dr. Black said with a smile.  "Now I know you won't be any trouble tonight."  And with that, Dr. Black lifted his Sissy into his arms and carried him downstairs to the "playroom."  Dr. Black placed his Sissy in the middle of the giant circular bed that occupied the middle of the room.  "My friends will be here shortly.  They do so enjoy it when I share you with them.  Don't worry, it will only be a small party tonight -- only six or seven of my friends.  Now, don't go anywhere!"  Dr. Black said with a laugh as he left his paralyzed and terrified Sissy sprawled on the bed. 

Sissy lay there, staring at his own beautiful reflection in the mirrored ceiling, trying with no success to get his arms or legs to respond.  Then he heard his Master's friends coming down the stairs into the "playroom."  As they entered the room, they laughed and yelled and cheered as they saw the helpless Sissy on the bed that would be their living, breathing sex doll for tonight.  Poor little Sissy couldn't even turn his pretty little head to see the men that would soon begin gang raping him.


  1. but who will clean the sissy for the next man? 8)

    1. let's take a wild quess?" How about you! " Sissy bitch" Mistress Kathy{ £}

  2. You've read my mind again, Linda. To 'Anonymous' - who needs to clean the sissy? Imagine all that salty cum in your butt - that sure would make your ripped and bleeding sissy pussy sting. Also spunk makes a lovely lubricant, and the sensation of it dripping out of your butt, down your thighs and soaking into your best stockings is just heavenly.

  3. Speaking as a well used sissy, I love the feeling of dried cum on my face and the feeling of cum running down my nylon covered legs. No need to clean this sissy for the next man!!!

  4. A real life dollie with men fucking me would be the best for this sissy slut who craves it.