Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 6

Erica re-emerged from the other room, this time wearing a lovely silver dress with a matching chiffon bolero.  It accented his fabulous new figure superbly.  He looked so elegant and dainty.

"Ms. Trainer, please tell me more about the training Erica has received since he's been here," I inquired.

"Of course," Ms. Trainer replied.  "This is a brand new program for us and I am very pleased with how well it went in its first year."

She continued, "I developed a curriculum that would help advanced sissies, like Erica here, develop the skills they need to take their service and submission to you to the next level.  The course work covered three main areas: service skills, beauty and comportment, and sex techniques."  Roberto was suddenly interested in hearing more when the third item was mentioned.

"In the area of service, Erica has been learning wonderful new skills.  He can now perform a Swedish Massage on the two of you.  He has learned some interesting new breakfast in bed recipes and serving ideas.  And he has learned important new skills to help you plan and hostess and serve when you are entertaining.  Isn't that all correct, Erica?"

"Yes, Ms. Trainer," came the soft reply. "That is all correct."

"Erica, take off the little jacket while I continue," Ms. Trainer instructed.

"Yes, Ms Trainer," Erica said as he complied.

"Where was I?  Oh yes, beauty and comportment.  Well this whole decorative sissy thing requires some new skills for our sissies, like making themselves as pretty as possible and posing for hours like a mannequin..."

"Or a Barbie," Roberto interjected.  We all laughed.

"And he can do his own hair.  Isn't it lovely?  It's very difficult to make it look so nice, but Erica has been a very good sissy student.  Of course he has to sleep in his curlers, which is very uncomfortable, but it's all worth it."

Ms. Trainer continued.  "In the sex department, well that's where things got the most interesting.  Wouldn't you agree, Erica?"

"Yes, Ms. Trainer," came the timid and shameful reply.

"Our little Erica here has developed some impressive new skills.  We did lots of fellatio practice over the past twelve weeks. Erica can now accept the biggest imaginable cock down his throat.  We also had a pussy worship course -- I taught that one myself.  And I'm pleased to report that Erica has a very, very talented tongue.  You will be very pleased.  We also practiced some group sex.  Erica learned to take two dicks up his ass and two more in his mouth, all at the same time!  Erica, how much is two dicks plus two dicks?" Ms. Trainer asked in her speaking-to-a-child voice.

"Four dicks, Ms. Trainer," came the pitiful reply.

"Oh my, Erica!  Did you pleasure four men at once?  Why what a little whore you are!"

We burst into laughter once again.

"Go change, Erica," Ms. Trainer instructed.

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