Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 4

Erica re-entered the room where Roberto, Ms. Trainer and I were sitting.  This time he was wearing an elegant gold cocktail dress, sleeveless with a deep vee back.  The bodice of the dress was decorated with little pearls, while a wide sash of gathered fabric wrapped around him, just below the bust.  He looked so elegant and beautiful.  Simply stunning!                                                                          I was still astonished by how skinny and delicate he looked, his pretty new dress draped over his slender shoulders.  Ever since I feminized him five years ago, I have been able to easily dominate Erica -- mentally and physically -- but in his current emaciated state, I'm was pretty sure I would be able to do anything I could imagine to him physically.  Pick him up.  Throw him down.  Slap him around.  Anything.  The thought got me excited.
I looked again at Erica's face.  The fear and sadness were so visible, his eyes barely holding back back tears of shame and anxiety.                                                                                         "What's with this crazy fashion show?" Roberto asked. "Why can't we just throw Erica into the trunk of the car and take him home already?"                                                                                         "Roberto, I already explained this to you about a dozen times," I said with some exasperation.  "Part of the training Erica received was in becoming a 'decorative sissy.'  Ms. Trainer is letting us see some of Erica's new outfits that he'll be wearing at home."

"What's wrong with his maid's uniforms?" Roberto asked.                                                                                                                                                Ms. Trainer jumped in to help me out.  "Roberto, 'decorative sissies' are all the latest rage.  Of course it only really works if you have an exceptionally pretty sissy like Erica.  But let me explain.  Of course there is nothing wrong with him wearing a maid's uniform.  When Erica is doing his chores -- cooking, cleaning, etc. -- he will continue to dress as a maid.  But at other times he can serve you in a more 'decorative' manner.  Like when he is bringing you coffee in bed or greeting you when you return home in the evening, Erica will change into one of his pretty new dresses and high strappy shoes so he can look his very best while he's serving you.  And think how elegant it will be when Erica greets your guests at the front door dressed like this, to take their coats and to show them in.  And say you and your wife are relaxing in den or entertaining another couple, Erica can be posed where ever you want him, silently and motionlessly adding some beauty to your home.  As a 'decorative sissy,' think of him more like a pretty vase or painting on the wall than as a person."

"Or a Barbie doll," Roberto responded.

 "Yes. Very much like a Barbie doll," Ms. Trainer replied.  "But you can't gang fuck a Barbie doll in the ass, now can you?"  We all had a huge laugh at Ms. Trainer's joke.  Well, all except Erica.                                                                                          "But won't that be a lot of extra work, changing in and out of his maid's dress and these fancy dresses, re-doing his hair and make-up, several times a day?" Roberto asked.                                                                                                               "Of course it will be a lot of extra time and effort for Erica, but he doesn't mind.  Do you, sweetie?  You will be honored to work hard to be extra pretty around the house. Right?"
"Yes, Ms. Trainer.  I will be honored to make myself extra pretty around the house," Erica replied softly, staring down at the floor, unable to meet our eyes as his future as a Barbie-like fuck toy was joked about right in front of him.                                                                                               "Such a sweet sissy," Ms. Trainer cooed.  "Time for another dress!"

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