Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 3

"Oh, this is one of my favorite dresses," Ms. Trainer gushed as Erica re-entered the room where we were sitting.  "It's so prim and proper, with its high satin collar and elbow-length sleeves.  But it's so short!  It really shows off Erica's pretty legs, don't you agree?  And the illusion top really makes it so sexy."                                                                                                    Roberto and I heartily agreed.  "His legs are perfect!" I enthused.  "I think his legs are better than mine. I'm jealous!"                                                                                            "Naughty sissy!" Ms. Trainer pretend scolded.  "Making your wife jealous.  That won't do.  I imagine you will have to be punished for that."  Ms. Trainer winked at me and gave me a big smile, enjoying adding a little extra terror to Erica's day.

"Stand right there, Erica," Ms. Trainer instructed as she invited me to stand next to Erica.  "Just look at how tailored and form-fitting this dress is." She took my hand and placed it on Erica's waist.  "Can you feel the special corset he is wearing under his dress?" she asked me. "These new corsets are so smooth and thin, you can't see them, even under the tightest or clingiest of outfits.  But it's on there, really cinching Erica in where he needs it most."  I ran my hands around Erica's mid-section.                                                                                                                                 "Oh yes," I said. "I can definitely feel it.  It feels like it is made of steel -- it's so hard."                                                                                                       "Yes, exactly," Ms. Trainer confirmed. "It's an amazing contraption.  It's impossible for Erica to put it on or take it off by himself.  You will have to zip him in and out of it.  But I recommend that sissies keep their corsets on almost 24 hours a day.  It is a very good idea for sissies to sleep in their corsets. It helps with making the figure training permanent.  And while wearing this corset, your little sissy will never slouch again. I think proper posture is so important for a sissy."

Then Roberto spoke up.  "Did you cut off his dick?" he asked, completely out of the blue.                                                                         "Oh goodness no," answered Ms. Trainer.  "I would never do that without explicit instructions from a sissy's owners."                                                                                            I explained.  "Roberto has been urging me to have Erica's dick cut off so he can have a real pussy made.  Someday we'll do that, Roberto.  Just be patient.  I want Erica to keep his little dickie for a while longer.  I don't want him to start thinking he's a real woman.  Anyway, Roberto, I know you enjoy fucking Erica's tight sissy-pussy, now don't you?" 

Roberto had to admit he did.

"You are a very lucky sissy, Erica," Ms. Trainer said. "Your wife/mistress and her lover are very fond of you and take wonderful care of you.  Don't you agree, dear?"

"Yes, Ms. Trainer.  I agree.  I am very lucky that my owners take such good care of me," Erica managed to whisper.

"Very good, sweetie," Ms. Trainer said.  "Now go put on the next outfit."

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