Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 2

After a few minutes, Sissy Erica returned to the room, this time wearing a delightful navy blue, knee length cocktail dress.  The fabric gathered below the bust highlighting Erica's exquisite figure. His hair was still perfectly coifed as he paraded in front of us atop his silver heels.

I was completely struck by how beautiful he was -- sexy actually -- yet at the same time his eyes clearly showed the extreme sadness and shame and fear he was feeling.

"Turn around, sweetie," Ms. Trainer instructed.  "We want to see you from every angle.  Erica complied, showing us his sweet little ass, his dress tailored to highlight his tush. It looked just as perfect as it did in the gold silk dress he was wearing before. "Go ahead, Roberto," Ms. Trainer urged.  "Go ahead and give it a squeeze -- or a spank. I'm sure you want to!" she said with a laugh.  And with that Roberto got up from the sofa and walked up to Erica, still standing motionless with his back to us.  Roberto but his hand on Erica's ass and started rubbing and squeezing. "Oh, yeah. That's nice!" Roberto reported. "Really nice..."  Despite his extensive training, I could see Erica shudder and stiffen as Roberto placed his big manly hand on his pert little bottom.

"That's enough for now," I said to Roberto. "There will be plenty of time for that when we get home."

I have to apologize.  I jumped right into my story without giving you any of the background.  Eric and I were married about seven years ago.  It wasn't until after we were married that I learned that Eric was a sissy crossdresser.  He tried to hide it from me but of course I figured out what was going on.  Well about five years ago I decided that I was tiring of Eric's secretive crossdressing on the weekends and his pathetic attempts to act masculine the rest of the time.  I was no longer interested in him sexually and I wanted to make some major changes in our lives.  I decided that it was time for him to give into his weak, feminine and submissive nature once and for all.  I did some research and learned about Ms. Trainer's Transformation Services.  This was exactly what I wanted. I immediately enrolled Eric in the complete sissification package.  He cried and cried when he realized what was about to happen to him as I handed him over to Ms. Trainer's staff.  But they quickly sedated him and dragged him inside to begin his fourteen month conversion.

At about the same time that I deposited hubby Eric at the Transformation Academy, I met my current lover, Roberto.  Roberto is an amazing lover -- strong and masculine.  He and I share the Master Bedroom.  And Eric -- now Erica -- has moved into a small bedroom near the laundry.  Erica is our submissive sissy maid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He is our personal slave doing whatever we want or need -- he cooks and cleans, serves us breakfast in bed, he massages and bathes us --everything.  And Roberto really enjoys fucking Erica, especially when I'm away.  I don't mind.  Roberto is a real man and he has his needs.

Roberto and I decided that we would celebrate our five year anniversary by taking a three month tour of Europe.  I was so excited!  It was going to cost a fortune, but that's OK because Eric had made millions in software before he became Erica.  And now Eric's millions are all mine.

Anyway, Roberto and I planned our trip.  But what to do about Erica? We couldn't leave him unsupervised for three months.  So I call Ms. Trainer for advice.  She suggested that, while we were away, I leave Erica with her for a brand new program she was launching -- An intensive "Sissy Refresher Course" for advanced sissies. Ms. Trainer gave me an initial description over the phone and later emailed me more details.  It sounded perfect so I agreed right away, even though it was very, very expensive.  And now that I was seeing the results, I know we had made the right decision and it was worth every penny.

"That's very nice Erica," Ms. Trainer said.  "Go back and put on the next outfit and model it for us."  And off Erica went again.

Before Erica minced out of the room on his high silver heels, I caught his eye once again.  Whatever Ms. Trainer had done to him over the past twelve weeks had left him a nervous, terrified wreck.

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