Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 1

"Come out here now, Erica," Ms. Trainer called.  "Your wife and her lover are here and they are dying to see the new you."

Tentatively, timidly, Erica -- formerly my husband Eric -- entered the room.  I gasped.  My Erica was gorgeous.  He was wearing a lovely silk dress in the palest gold.  His hair was perfectly styled.  And he was so skinny!

"Don't be frightened, Erica," Ms. Trainer said gently.  "You look lovely.  There is nothing to be embarrassed about."  Despite Ms. Trainer's reassurances, Erica seemed terribly nervous.  I could tell that he was on the verge of tears.  "Come along now, Erica.  Be a good girl."   Erica walked across the room and stood in front of Roberto and me. He delicately held a cute clutch purse in his manicured fingers.

"Ms. Trainer," I said. "He's lovely.  I mean...fantastic."  Ms. Trainer smiled with satisfaction.

"I thought you would be impressed," she replied.

I had deposited Erica here just twelve weeks ago.  Of course he was already a fully feminized sissy, having gone through Ms. Trainer's transformation process some years ago.  But now he looked so beautiful, so elegant.  And so incredibly skinny.

"How did you get him to be so skinny?" I asked.  Erica was already very, very thin before.  But now -- wow!

"Well, it's not too complicated.  It's a combination of a severe -- and I mean severe -- diet, combined with a lipo/body sculpting procedure, combined with some amazing corsetry that he's wearing that I get from Japan.  It's terribly uncomfortable -- but the results are so worth it!  Erica, don't you just love wearing your corset?"

Erica spoke for the first time.  "Yes, Ms. Trainer, I love wearing my corset."  His words were barely a whisper.  He seemed so upset.  I could see tears welling up in the corners of his eyes.  And he was trembling very slightly, perched about his silver, strappy high heels.

"Ms. Trainer," I asked.  Why is he trembling like that?"

"Well," she replied, "It has been quite a difficult twelve weeks for our lovely Erica here.  He has really done his best to cooperate with our refresher program for advanced sissies.  But it hasn't been easy, has it Erica?"

"No, Ms. Trainer.  It has not been easy," came his breathy reply.

"There, there.  Try to relax, Erica.  We wouldn't want your tears to ruin your make-up now, would we?

"No, Ms. Trainer," he replied.

Ms. Trainer continued.  "Our little sissy Erica may also be nervous about what awaits him when he returns home with you and Roberto.  All of this extra training he has received is for a purpose.  And he is well aware of just how attractive -- enticing, really -- he has become.  And I think he is nervous about what you have in mind for him."

"Ah, I understand," I replied.  Of course the experience of the last twelve weeks would have been both punishingly cruel, as well as plant seeds of anxiety for what his life would be like when we returned home.

"Now come over here, Erica," Ms. Trainer ordered.  "Let me help you off with your jacket."  Erica obediently stood still while Ms. Trainer undid the buttons in the back and slid the jacket off of my sissy.

As the jacket came off, Roberto said, "Damn!"

"Damn is right!" agreed Ms. Trainer.  "That is one fantastic looking sissy!"

I couldn't believe my eyes. With the little jacket off, Erica posed there in front of us, in his strapless dress.  His shoulders were impossibly skinny and delicate.  He was obviously dying with shame as Roberto and I took in this sight.  Again, I thought Erica was about to start crying.

"Now turn around Erica.  Let's show your wife and Roberto how pretty you are from the back," Ms. Trainer instructed.  I loved how Ms. Trainer talked to Erica in a voice you would use speaking to a little child. But when speaking to Roberto and me, she would talk about Erica as if he wasn't even in the room.  There was a sly, cruel -- but also very humorous -- way to everything Ms. Trainer did with her sissies.

Erica turned around and Roberto let out an involuntary whistle.  "Oh my God!" I gasped.  "His ass...it's simply perfect."

Ms. Trainer smiled with satisfaction.  And even with his back to us I could sense Erica's deepening sense of shame as we all talked about his cute round ass.

"Erica, go back into the other room and put on one of your other dresses.  I know your wife and Roberto will enjoy seeing you model your cute new outfits."  And with that, poor Erica minced out of the room to change.


  1. Well worth the wait. I love the look on poor Erica's face.

  2. The wife has overplayed her hand here as one isn't suited for the submissive role any longer when you start looking like this.

  3. Wonderful story, Beautiful dress. Sooo jealous