Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 7

"Now I don't know if you ever take Sissy Erica out with you in the evenings, but I think this dress would be perfect for a sissy night on the town," Ms. Trainer began as Erica re-entered the room, this time wearing a little black dress embellished with rhinestone around the neckline.  The dress was simple, classic -- but Erica still looked so damn sexy!

"Yes, sometimes we take Erica out with us, often when we have a male friend of Roberto's visiting from out of town.  It's fun for us to make it a double date, letting Erica be a real man's pretty date for the evening.  And yes, this dress would be perfect!  What man wouldn't love having a sexy escort like that!" Roberto heartily agreed.

Changing the subject, I asked, "So tell me, what is the diet you put the sissies on to get them so...svelte?"

"Erica, tell your wife/mistress what you ate while you were here."

Erica mumbled a response that I couldn't understand.

"Oh speak up, Erica, for God's sake! Nobody likes a mumbling sissy!"

"Baby food," Erica managed to say.

"What?" I exclaimed.  Barely able to contain my surprise and laughter.

"Oh, yes," Ms. Trainer explained.  "It's a wonderful way to control and minimize portions and calories and dignity.  One small jar, three times a day, will guarantee rapid weight and self-respect loss."

"No wonder he looks so slim and dainty," I remarked.

"Erica, sweetie," Ms. Trainer asked. "What else did you eat while you were here?"

Erica looked terrified.  "Nothing, Ms. Trainer.  I ate nothing else.  Only the food that I was given.  Honest."  Erica looked panicked, believing that he was being accused of an infraction of the rules.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, sweetie.  You're not in trouble.  I was just pointing out that you ate something besides baby food all summer."

Erica still looked confused and frightened.  "I was just pointing out, Erica," Ms. Trainer explained a bit impatiently, "that you also ate a lot of semen over the past twelve weeks.  And I mean a lot!  Isn't that true, Erica?"

Erica's fear instantly turned to intense shame.  "Yes, Ms. Trainer," came the pitiful response.  "I did eat a lot of semen."

"You see?" Ms. Trainer added.  "Our sissies get a perfectly balanced diet here!"  I almost fell on the floor laughing when she said that.

"Let's see another dress!" Ms. Trainer chirped.

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