Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sissy Priscilla Part 2 -- A Sissy Wedding Fantasy

For the past few weeks, I have been planning a very special weekend for my sissy daughter, Priscilla.  It all started when I was at a Thrift Shop and I happened to find a beautiful wedding gown in Priscilla's size for just $20.  Of course I bought it.  Here is the plan I came up with -- as soon as it was warm enough, we would rent a little cottage in the country for the weekend.  We would make the whole weekend about Priscilla's wedding fantasy!  Priscilla was so excited when I explained this to him and when I showed him the wedding dress.  I told him how we would do his hair and make up just so and then take a million photos of him as a blushing bride.  I had a few more surprises planned -- but that was all I wanted Priscilla to know about in advance.

We chose a weekend in late April and found the perfect little cottage to rent with a lovely property for taking wedding photos.  When the weekend finally arrived, I thought my darling little Priscilla was going to burst with excitement!

We drove out to the cottage on Friday afternoon, after Priscilla had come home from school and had a chance to change out of his boy clothes and into his girl clothes.  I already had everything we needed packed in the car so off we went.  We had a light dinner and afterwards I dressed Priscilla in a lovely vintage Vanity Fair peignoir set in the softest peach.  He looked so lovely as I tucked him into bed and kissed him tonight.  I wished him sweet dreams and urged him to get a good night's sleep before our exciting Saturday.

At sunrise, I brought Priscilla some toast and tea in bed and we started our day. After Priscilla showered, we spent the next couple of hours getting him all prettied up for his wedding fantasy. He started with his hair which was now almost down to his shoulders.  I watched him as he brushed in hair out in the mirror.  He seemed so happy and so natural getting ready to be a bride for the day.

Next I helped him into the lovely vintage gown I had bought for him.  I buttoned up his dress in back.  I felt so happy having the opportunity to dress my lovely bride-daughter -- even though my only child was a boy!  Since I never had a real daughter of my own, I thought this day would never come for me.  Yet here I was -- the happiest mother-of-the-bride that ever was!

Then he finished doing his make-up and voila!  My little boy was now a lovely, blushing bride.  He looked so beautiful!  I felt so proud and so happy as I looked at my little boy-bride.  

We spent the next 20 minutes pinning a wreath of fresh pink and white roses on his head.  He insisted that it had to be perfect.  It took me about ten separate tries to get it positioned to his satisfaction.  I was astonished just how much my little boy was acting like a real bride on her real wedding day.  Finally his floral crown was just right and he was complete!!!!

I picked up my camera and started taking photos for the next two hours.  We took photos everywhere -- in the cottage and around the lovely grounds. I could tell that my sweet Priscilla was having the time of his life pretending to be a bride for a day. 

I was happy that my sissy son was having fun, but as his mother I also felt some sadness.  Of course I knew that as a sissy, my son had no real friends -- and had certainly never had a real romantic experience of his own.  Real boys shun sissies like my son.  They really have nothing in common after all and could never be friends.  And sissies are too weak and too fearful to develop meaningful relationships with girls.  So while I was delighted to bring joy into Sissy Priscilla's life for one afternoon, the fact that it was just a pretend fantasy made me a bit sad.

But I had more surprises in store for Priscilla this afternoon -- something that he would never have anticipated.  I was nervous that perhaps I had gone too far -- but I was also far too excited to stop.

"Priscilla, darling," I called after taking a few dozen photos by the pond.  "I think it is time for us to go back inside now."

I could see a hint of disappointment on Priscilla's face when I said that, assuming that his day as a bride was coming to close.  But of course, he had no idea what further surprises I had for him.


  1. He looks beautiful and so natural. The dress is a classic. I wish that I could have seen his shoes.

  2. A great post I wonder what the treat is?