Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sissy Priscilla Part 3 -- Mother's Wedding Surprise

After I had taken about a million photos of my beautiful sissy son bride, I told him that we should head back inside.  I could tell he was sad when I said that, sensing that our bridal fantasy day was wrapping up.  But I had other ideas.  In fact, the fun might be just beginning!

As I said earlier, sissies have such limited lives -- no friends, no romance.  But I knew I could change that.

You see, at the same time that I was making arrangements to rent the cottage and buy flowers for today, I had also gone online to see if I might be able to find a fantasy "groom" to make Priscilla's wedding fantasy complete.  There are plenty of websites out there for men looking to meet sissies. My challenge was to find the right one.  I posted some details of what I was planning for my little sissy and, needless to say, I got hundreds of responses from horny men wanting to have some dirty action with my sweet sissy son.  But one profile stood out from all the others -- a young, tall, handsome man, clearly well educated.  He seemed to understand what I was looking for in a "dream date" for Priscilla.  I arranged to meet him in person and I liked him immediately. His name was Kurt. 

So on the day of Priscilla's wedding, while Priscilla and I were taking photo's outside, Kurt arrived at the cottage and waited patiently for us inside. When he saw us starting to walk back toward the cottage, that was his signal to come out.  Little Priscilla was so frightened and worried when this tall man walked out of our cottage and started walking straight towards us.  "Now, now, Priscilla," I reassured. "Don't be frightened.  In fact I know this man.  His name is Kurt and I invited him."

Priscilla looked so confused and scared.  Kurt confidently strode up to Priscilla.  "Hello, Priscilla," he said.  "I am Kurt.  Your groom.  Your husband.  For today." 

Well, it took some time for Priscilla to compose himself after much reassurance from me. "Come, come, Priscilla," I said.  "Play along.  This is all part of making today's fantasy complete."  After a while, Priscilla relaxed, mostly because Kurt was so charming and gentle with him.  Before too much longer, I was able to get Priscilla to smile and pose for some photos with Kurt.  Here's the first photo I took.

Well, after the first photo was done, I was able to take about two hundred more as I asked them to pose in various locations around the pond.  With each passing moment, Priscilla became more relaxed around Kurt and seemed to ease more naturally into his role as the petite bride to Kurt's manly groom.

"Now a kiss!" I shouted.  Priscilla was shocked when I said this.  Kurt wisely went in for a gentle peck on Priscilla's forehead.

"Oh that won't do at all!" I cried.  It's time for a real kiss."  And I guess Priscilla agreed.

Kurt pulled Priscilla hard against him as Priscilla closed his eyes and allowed Kurt to kiss him for a very, very long time. I was delighted to see my little sissy son experience romance for the first time in his life.  I took dozens of photos of this lovely embrace.

We went back inside the cottage where I insisted that Kurt and Priscilla act out a wedding ceremony while I took even more photos.  I had arranged for some wedding flowers for the living room to set the mood.  

"Do you, Kurt, take Priscilla to be your wife?" I intoned.  "I do!" said Kurt while Priscilla beamed.

"And do you, Priscilla, take Kurt to be your husband?"  "Oh yes, I do!" replied my eager and delighted sissy son.  "You may kiss the bride." I instructed Kurt.  And Kurt did as I told him, scooping Priscilla up in his arms and kissing his lovely bride.

"And now for your first dance as husband and wife!" I shouted and pressed play on the CD player.  John Legend's "All of Me" began to play.  Kurt expertly led Priscilla around the living room in a gentle, slow, romantic dance.  As the song came to an end, I decided it was time for me to make my exit.  "Well, three's a crowd," I said.  There's a light dinner and a bottle of champagne for you two in the refrigerator.  I will be up in my room.  Have fun.  And congratulations!"  Priscilla giggled as I left.

At about 6:30 the next morning I heard Kurt leave the cottage and drive off in his car.  I came downstairs and found Priscilla, in his vintage peach peignoir set, sipping on a cup of coffee, looking rather disheveled -- and a bit embarrassed.

"Well, well, well," I said. "And how is the new bride this morning?"

Priscilla waited a moment, finally answering, "A bit sore, actually."  We both broke out in laughter when he said that.  I gave my sissy bride son a great big hug.  

"I hope you enjoyed your wedding fantasy, darling," I said.

"Oh yes mother.  That was the most wonderful day -- and night of my life."

Kurt continued to be a frequent visitor at our home after Priscilla's sissy wedding.  But those are stories for another time.