Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sexy Beach Sissy

Sam is a total sissy.  He loves dressing up in his sister's clothes and pretending that he's a girl. He used to do it only around the house when his parents were out.  But now that he has his driver's license, he likes to go out in public as "Samantha."  Sometimes he goes to bars and clubs. Sometimes he'll walk around the mall or the park.  But his favorite thing to do is to hang out at the beach.

He saved enough money working part-time jobs to buy an old VW van.  This is both his car and his dressing room.  Every day during the summer, he leaves the house early in the morning as Sam. He drives to a quiet place to park and climbs in the back of the van and transforms into Samantha.  He fixes his shaggy black hair in a way that looks cute and feminine.  He does his make-up -- he loves wearing lots of bright red lipstick!   He puts on a bikini with just enough fabric to hide his fake boobs. And he wears a super tight panty under his bikini bottoms so that he is perfectly flat and smooth in front. Lastly, he puts on some dangly earrings and sprays himself with a flowery perfume. Once he is satisfied with his look, Samantha continues the drive to the beach.

On most days, Samantha arrives at the beach before there is any real action there so he hangs in the van and listens to the radio. There are a bunch of regulars that are also around early in the morning -- maintenance workers, cops, vendors, lifeguards -- heading into work. Samantha knows a lot of these men by name and a bunch of them go out of their way to swing by the van and flirt with the pretty brunette girl for a little while.  Samantha's favorites are the cops and the lifeguards.

Sometimes if the cop or the lifeguard is especially cute, Samantha will invite him into the van to make-out. The really lucky ones get to go into the back of the van where Samantha will wrap those pouty, red, slick lips around their cocks and suck them off.

But that's just the start of Samantha's day.

By now the beach is starting to fill up. Samantha grabs his towel and sunglasses and heads out across the quickly warming sand. The trick for Samantha is to find the right spot on the beach where he will attract a lot of attraction from the boys hanging out there.  He knows that sometimes big groups of older boys hang out on the stretch of beach just past the pier. There are fewer people out there and it's a perfect place to throw a football around.  Samantha will find a promising group of boys and place his towel just near enough that the boys will definitely notice him.  It never takes long before one or two brave boys will venture over a strike up a conversation with the cute brunette laying on her towel.  A little flirting, a little giggling and Samantha will easily hook one unsuspecting boy.

"Would you please put some sunscreen on my back?" Samantha will ask a guy he is interested in.  No boy has ever answered "no." Samantha gets a rush of sensual pleasure feeling a boy's strong, rough hands spreading lotion on his soft shoulders and back.

Some of the boys get the chance to go for a walk down the beach with Samantha.  Samantha likes how it feels when a big strong boy wraps his arm around his skinny, exposed shoulders. His pulse quickens when a boy pulls him close as they walk side-by-side. It makes Samantha feel so feminine. The walk along the beach often leads to some making out under the pier.  Samantha likes pressing up against a strong young man while they make out.  He especially likes feeling his admirer's dick get hard as they kiss.

And the luckiest boys -- the most handsome, most muscular, most studly ones -- get invited back to the van for a special treat. He starts off by getting these boys aroused with his mouth, licking and sucking their dicks until they are nearly ready to cum, But before they do, Samatha quickly repositions himself so that the boy is on top of him. With his soft hands he finishes the job so that that boy shoots his hot cum all over Samantha's flat, exposed, lotion covered belly.  

The boys at the beach don't know Samantha's secret. But now you do. So would you go into the back of the his van with him if he invited you? Of course you would.