Saturday, December 31, 2016

Never too Late for Sissies

I often hear wives say, "I wish I had feminized my husband years ago. Now it's too late."  That is nonsense! It is never too late to feminize your husband. Just look how lovely Sissy Jessica is in his bikini!

Mary had been married to Jeff for over 20 years. Mary knew Jeff was a crossdressing sissy, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed having a husband with a feminine side who listened to her, doted on her, enjoyed shopping with her. But as Jeff experienced some set-backs at work and was starting to consider early retirement, Mary decided it was time for some changes in their lives. Mary decided that they would both be happier if Jeff took his sissy-ness to the next level and became a woman full-time -- or at least a sissy version of a woman.

Jeff resisted at first.  But that's the good thing about sissies; they have no spine and no ability to push back. So in the end, Jeff did exactly as Mary ordered and became Jessica.  And weren't the results fabulous!  Jessica looks ten -- maybe fifteen -- years younger than Jeff did when his transition began.  And look at him now!  He looks totally hot as a woman, even in a skimpy bikini.

But Mary wasn't done yet. She also decided that both she and Jessica needed to have real men in their lives. Jessica was horrified -- distraught -- by Mary's suggestion.  Jessica cried and protested but to no avail.  Mary got her way as always.  

It was easy for Mary to find countless older men online who wanted to have a sissy of their own. She eventually selected Terrence, a wealthy divorced businessman, for Jessica.  Mary arrange all the details for their first meeting and subsequent dates.  It worked out perfectly. Once in the presence of a real man, Jessica easily and naturaly slid into the role of the woman in the relationship.  That was eighteen months ago. Now Jessica is embarking on the next exciting chapter of his life -- as Terrance's wife. That's right! Jessica and Terrance got married last month and those bikini shots were taken on their honeymoon!

Jessica is in heaven being the pretty, obedient and subservient housewife for his husband.  You can see how happy he is being feminine and domesticated and servile to a real man.  He spends hours every day making himself pretty. He derives total fulfillment by being the object of his man's desire -- and by satisfying that desire with every part of his feminized body.

Tonight, Jessica and Terrance are having a double date tonight with me an my new boyfriend.  Jessica is making dinner for all of us -- for his husband, for his ex-wife that feminized him and for his ex-wife's lover!  Could there possibly be a greater expression of what it means to be a total sissy?

So my friends, as you see, it is never to late to help your sissy fulfill his destiny!


  1. Jessica, a beautiful name for a beautiful Lady.
    He does seem happy. We should all find our place in this world.

  2. I sissy gurl andrea feel like I belong with a real man

    It feels great. To be submissive

  3. The sissy inside always needs to be expressed. It is a joy when that is allowed to happen.