Saturday, December 10, 2016

Taking Delivery of My New Sissy -- Part 1

Yesterday was the happiest day of my life. You see, I took possession of the new Sissy I had ordered from Ms. Trainer's Feminization Service. When I set eyes on my new Sissy boy, well my heart nearly stopped beating -- and my great big dick got instantly hard! 

When I arrived at Ms. Trainer's I was led into a private reception room where my sissy was waiting for me.  He was patiently kneeling on the floor, his skinny, frail little body barely concealed by a flimsy, sheer black lingerie set.  I thought he looked like a little angel.  His skin was pale and soft, his face was made-up perfectly, and his perfect titties were visible through his sheer lacy blouse.
I had gotten addicted to sissies about 5 years ago after my second wife left me.  I never had much luck with women.  They won't tolerate my abusive behavior and my insatiable need for sex. That's when I started hanging out at tranny bars and picking up sissies for one-night stands.  It was easy and I could treat them like shit -- and they seemed to enjoy it.  But I grew tired of the bar scene and the drag queens that I was having sex with weren't doing it for me any more.  

That's when I learned about Ms. Trainer's Service.  For an enormous sum of cash (don't worry, I'm rich) Ms. Trainer said she could provide me with a trained, transformed sissy that would meet my every requirement.  Well that's what she did and she exceeded my expectations.

My new sissy is simply gorgeous.  At first I couldn't take my eyes off his perfect little sissy body.  But then I noticed his big, beautiful hazel eyes.  I was entranced.  I knew I had found the sissy of my dreams!

"Your new name is 'Gwendolyn'," I announced.  "And you shall call me 'Daddy'.  Or 'Sir'  Any Questions?" 

"No questions, Daddy...Sir," my new sissy answered immediately and meekly.

"Good," I responded.  "Now, tell me about yourself.  Tell me where you come from and how you came to be here," I asked.

Sissy Gwedolyn seemed surprised by the question at first but after a moment started to answer.  "Well, Daddy, Sir," he started.  "I was born in a town outside of C..."

Before Sissy Gwendolyn could even start his first sentence, I slapped him hard across his pretty sissy face. "Nobody cares about who you were or where you came from," I snarled.  "As far as we are concerned, your entire life started today, right here, when you met me. I am your life.  I am everything.  Beyond me there is nothing.  And without me, you are nothing.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy Sir.  Yes, yes, I understand.  Please forgive me.  I am so sorry.  That will never happen again," Sissy Gwendolyn managed to blurt out knowing that he had badly transgressed.

"Now suck my dick," I commanded.  Sissy Gwendolyn did exactly as directed. As he unzipped my pants and pulled down my briefs, he gasped -- either in admiration or more likely terror -- at the size of my monstrous cock.  He quickly regained his composure and focus. He pulled his pretty shoulder length hair back away from his lovely face and went to town on my cock.  My new little sissy knew exactly what he was doing in the cock sucking department!  He kissed, licked and sucked my rock hard dick until it exploded in his pretty little mouth.  He eagerly swallowed every single drop of my cum as if it were the most expensive and delicious champagne in the world!


  1. A beautiful start to what will be another amazing series. You always have such lovely pictures in your stories. More please.

  2. This is a incredible story im.a sissy addicted to more