Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- Part 6: Worried Little Sissy

Anita works at Club Satin five nights a week - and he makes a lot of money working there.  He gets paid well -- all in cash -- plus he makes even more money by having customers buy him drinks or paying for a little bit of making out.  But I told you that his parents think he works six nights a week as a dishwasher.  That's because on Sunday nights, when Club Satin is closed, Andy comes over to my house and becomes Anita -- and just hangs out with mom and me.  

Sometimes we'll stay in and watch a movie on TV.  But usually we go out as as three ladies.  We often start by going to the mall.  Anita always needs to buy more clothes and shoes and make-up.  It's really fun to shop with him. He's really good at suggesting clothes and make-up that mom and I should try. And mom really enjoys watching him shop for sexy, glamorous clothes and ridiculously high heels for himself -- things she would never, ever buy for herself.  I think it's exciting to go into the dressing rooms with Anita to help him try on things. Here's a picture I took last week of Anita trying on some bright pink lipstick at Macy's.  What do you think?

After a bit of shopping, we then go out to dinner somewhere.  Anita always insists on paying.  He does make a lot of money working at the club and he likes to show his appreciation to my mom for all she's done for him.  My mom puts up a bit a fight every time, but Anita always wins and pays our bill.

It's really fun to be out with a girl as glamorous as Anita.  I'm not bad looking at all, but I don't have have the style that Anita has.  Men will literally stop talking or walking -- or even breathing, I think -- when they see Anita. Sometimes you can overhear people trying to figure out if Anita is a model or a celebrity that they've seen on TV.  And men are ALWAYS hitting on him!  Guys will often send drinks over to our table -- and it's not because they are so turned on by mom or me! And some men will barge over and try to start flirting with Anita -- right while we're having dinner.  Mom is really good at shoo-ing these annoying guys away.  But it does give the three of us a big laugh every time.  

But the most fun situations are when we run into some boys that I know from school.  These guys start totally drooling over Anita!  They have absolutely no idea that the hot girl they are getting boners for is really that boy in the black hoodie that they pass everyday in the hall at school! I can tell Anita gets a bit nervous during these encounters -- but I know there is absolutely no way that the dumb boys from school will figure out who this crazy hot chick really is.

Anyway, we were out with Anita tonight, doing our usual shopping and dinner thing.  Anita looked glamorous as always but he tones it down a bit when he's not going to the club. Doesn't he look absolutely adorable with his hair pulled back like this? You'd swear he was a super hot sorority girl, wouldn't you?  At the end of the meal, Anita told us something worrisome -- you can even see the worry on his face in the photo. "I can't go out with you next Sunday," he said. "I have another...commitment."

Mom could sense that Anita was uneasy so she pressed for more information and this is what Anita said.  "Next Sunday night I'm going out -- on a date, I guess -- with the manager of the club.  You see he likes to go out with all the girls, especially the dancers. And last night he asked me.  I think I sort of have to go out with him.  None of the girls turn him down -- ever.  I think it would be a big mistake if I said no. So I agreed to out with him next Sunday night when the club is closed."

"I don't like the sound of this at all!" mom said. "And besides, he probably doesn't want to go out with you to talk about current events, if you know what I mean." Anita and I both giggled.  Mom is so funny. She can't even say "He obviously wants to have sex with you -- and that would obviously be a huge problem for you!"  But we understood exactly what she was saying.  Mom tried to convince Anita to cancel his date but he was too scared to do that.

"Well, I guess you'll just have to do what the rest of us girls do in that situation," mom advised. "You'll just have to tell him you're having your period!"